Monday, August 4, 2014

Project Pan Update

OK, so I started a Project Pan with a few products some months ago (try, like, seven months ago) and feel that I'm slightly overdue to give a status update on how things have been progressing.  Therefore, this will be a quick show 'n' tell on how close I've come to hitting pan and/or using up the items I put on the "hit" list: MAC's Dollymix blush, MAC's Cranberry eyeshadow and an assortment of falsies (false eyelashes).

First up is Dollymix, which is a candy pink.  Can you see the wee bit indentation in the center of the blush?  You can't?  Well, maybe it's more like a teeny-weeny dip...  OK, guys, I'm gonna give up the tapes on myself and confess that I haven't been using Dolly as much as I had originally planned.  I've made very little progress in hitting tin on this baby - partly because I really have to make myself reach for it since I don't particularly care for it too much.  But I'm going to make more of an effort and hope to make more significant progress in the months to come. 

Next is Cranberry, which is a red plum.  Now, I can't even front with this one; I started out using it on my cheeks and lips early on during my PP challenge, but quickly fell off as time went on.  I see no major change in the eyeshadow pan as far as usage and know that I must do better.  And I shall.  Using it on the lips under a clear gloss will definitely help me meet this goal...

And now the lashes, the falsies, the drugstore "window dressers" that I had stashed away for the longest, but had never used until this project.  I documented my first encounter with Wispies and haven't picked them nor any other set of false eyelashes up since.  (For shame!  For shame!)  I know, guys...  To my defense, I haven't exactly been trippin' the light fantastic and going anywhere that would warrant such an adornment.  But I put them on the PP list, therefore, I must do better.  Must and shall!

So there you go.  That's my update on how I've done thus far with my Project Pan challenge and I will steadily admit that I've done horribly.  I'm really gonna start crackin' the whip and get motivated to get better results.  I haven't been wearing a whole lot of makeup recently because I've been preoccupied with other things, but I don't like the idea of putting forth a less than stellar effort with regard to anything, either.  Therefore, it's time for me to get 'er done.  My Project Pan will NOT be a total fail.  And I'll be back with the final results in a few more months to prove that it wasn't.

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