Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Project Pan: Lashing Out

They've just been sitting here... tucked away... in my drawer... unused.  Encouraged by the steady stream of glamorous eye looks I saw online a couple of years ago, I grabbed a handful of these wispy embellishments during a BOGO sale at a local store with every intention of putting them to use right away.  And then I got them home.  And after pawing them for a few minutes, my enthusiasm waned and I stuffed the bag of lashes into another, bigger bag and forgot about them until their recent reassignment to my top dresser drawer.  So, in keeping with my push to round out my project pan initiative, it would be remiss of me not to add a pair (or two) of these to the list.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to applying false lashes so I'm thinking that these half lashes would be pretty good to start with.  Smaller in size and less dramatic than the rest of the pairs I own, they appear to be less cumbersome and a bit more practical for everyday wear.

These, too, seem like a good candidate for everyday use.  I like the unique layout of the hair and the spike in length towards the middle of the lash should bear an interesting effect on my eyes.  I'm curious to see how these will look on me.

Now, I had to grab a pair of demi-wispies since everybody and their momma seems to own a pair.  They're dramatic, playful and full so I can definitely see why they're a staple.  However, I'm hoping they don't clash too much with my dramatic and full pair of domestic sweepers already perched atop my lids.  My natural lashes are thick and quite curled, pretty much to the point of a capital "C".  Therefore, getting them to blend in with these (and probably all of my falsies) may be a task.  But you know I'm more than up for the challenge.

And then there are these bad boys, which I've already assessed will have to be edited down "a hair" since the lashes are extraordinarily long.  But perhaps I might be able to take advantage of their length by doing something creative to or with them.  Hmm... my creative juices will be simmering on this one, but I do like the look of the lashes.  And besides, they came with a free tube of adhesive.  Can't beat that!

And so, obviously, I cannot actually "hit pan" on a pair of lashes.  However, my goal is to pick a pair (or two), master their application and then start to wear them, period.  My understanding is that you can safely wear the same pair of falsies quite a few times before they become compromised so it will be at that point of futility that I will lay claim to reaching the goal of "hitting pan" on the lashes.

I think I will be adding one more item to the project before closing it out, but I'm not certain.  I've been doing well with the whole thing, having skipped using the assigned products for only four days since starting.  And now with the addition of faux lashes, there's a welcomed sense of frivolity that I can't help but be motivated by.  It's a boost in my project pan's arm that will help keep the momentum going.

In the meantime, I'll be sure to update you on what lashes I'll be rocking as well as my progress in picking the final item(s) that will join them on the list!


  1. I love a good pair of lashes. I like the natural looking ones and the half lashes. Enjoy honey

    1. I'm just now getting started on the whole false lash thing so hopefully I don't end up looking like a clown. Lol! I like the natural and the half ones, too. I'll give an update on which I choose first. Anywho, thanks so much for reading and commenting! :0)