Monday, August 26, 2013

My Fab 5: MAC Eyeshadows

I like MAC eyeshadows.  They were some of the very first items I bought when I started getting into makeup.  I see them as the perfect gateway "drug" to full-blown makeup obsession, but with one caveat.  With MAC shadows, it's either feast or famine: when they're good, they're really good, but when they're bad, they're absolutely terrible!  I haven't exactly been thrilled with the quality of their recent collections of limited edition palettes and shadows.  However, there are some already in my stash that I really, really adore.  I'd like to share with you my fave 5, but thought it only fair to stick to the "standards".   So without further ado, and in no particular order...

I've mentioned this one before and used it in my Violet Femme look.  My list would not be complete unless this MAC beauty were mentioned.  I totally adore Shadowy Lady.

Shadowy Lady is a gorgeous, dark, sooty eggplant color and it is a matte.  It is definitely one of MAC's best offerings in the finish in that it is far from dusty or chalky, but smooth and potently pigmented. 

I've mentioned this one previously as well in my Taupe Series.  It is not only ab fab in color, but also in texture and performance.  It's a neutral with some kick - Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is a silver-gray taupe with strong purple undertones and it is mahvelous, dahling!  It is a buttery smooth frost that does not read "disco ball" on the eye in the slightest.  Rather, it serves as a great neutral that can be played up or down and easily suits a wide range of skin tones.

Next up is a golden gem that is a welcomed departure from the common yellow variety.  Instead, it is a beautiful, burnished antique gold aptly called Woodwinked.

Woodwinked is a densely pigmented Veluxe Pearl that is almost too wonderful to describe!  It is one of those special products that can be used virtually anywhere on the face; it's perfect as a lid color or highlight for the eye, but can also be used as a soft highlight on the cheeks and down the nose, if you were so inclined.  It's as versatile as it is lovely.

Speaking of highlights, this is my fave everyday go-to.  From neutral to dark and smoky, I reach for this pearl of a shadow often as it effortlessly complements a host of looks.  This one's called Arena.

Arena is a soft, golden peach color and it has a satin finish, which is just under pearl status as far as shimmer/shine is concerned.  It leaves an understated, but elegant presentation of color beneath the brow that I sincerely love.  So pretty.

Last, but not least, is a gorgeous shade that MAC describes as a "gold-plum with bronze pearl".  As you can see, my poor shadow met with some misfortune.  However, all was not lost as I still have enough of my beloved Sable to last me quite a while. 

Sable is a super pigmented, ultra soft shadow that has a Velvet finish, which I'm guessing is a pearl but with an even softer texture.  As soon as I saw it, I thought of Toasted by Urban Decay and, lo and behold, they are definitely sister shadows separated at birth.  But Sable is an absolutely awesome shadow to work with and just had to round out my list of fab 5s.

So, what do you think about MAC shadows?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with them or are you a true fan of all they make?  Do you have certain favorites from the brand?  If so, do tell!


  1. while i'm not a huge fan of mac eyeshadows i do own a few that have become staples for me over the years. one of them being folie, i love as a crease color, an all over color and as something to darken up a crease every now and again, i've purchased it about four times and will continue to do so. i recently went to a counter and got my hands on the infamous amber lights, when i finally used it i thought to myself, "how could i have waited so long to get this!?" it really is beautiful and has found it's way into my daily rotation. mac handwritten is also a fave because i use it to fill in my eyebrows and finally naked lunch, another gorgeous color that is multipurpose. i don't have any immediate plans to get any other shadows but i know for sure that i'll continue to keep my quad full with the colors i just mentioned. lol whew! now that was a long comment lol i hope you don't mind!

  2. LOL! No, I don't mind at all that you're speaking your mind in full! :0) Yeah, I'm w/you: I like MAC, but I don't love 'em. I may have to check out Folie, though, to see what you like about it. I got a pretty close dupe for Amber Lights from Inglot and got Naked Lunch as well as Shroom in a LE palette about a year ago. Other than that, I think I'm good on their shadows unless something so spectacular comes along that I just can't resist. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. :0)