Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Brushes: Face

In addition to assessing my stash of eye brushes, I also recently took into account how many face brushes I have (as well as what kind) in order to properly gauge where I am on the "want" and "need" scale of purchasing new ones.  Let's face it - besides the bristled tools I already have, including a NARS Yachiyo and Tarte brush for blush, I really don't need another brush.  I kinda want another one, though.  Hmm...perhaps a couple more.  But let's take a look at what's in my lineup first, shall we?

Starting out, I have three face brushes from Sonia Kashuk: a concealer brush, a tapered foundation brush and a large, duo fiber brush.

The concealer and the duo fiber are great at applying/dispersing liquid products (the latter I use for foundation), but it's the finesse of the foundation brush that's the standout for me.  After applying concealer with the flat brush, I love using its soft, tapered point to easily feather my concealer into a seamless blend under the eye.

Next, I have three "softies" from EcoTools: a flat concealer, a blusher and a mini kabuki.  With their bamboo handles and extra soft bristles, these are amongst my faves to use.

(Concealer brush)

Densely packed with a full bonnet of ├╝ber-soft bristles, I love using this blusher for my highlighting powders as its gentle dispersing of product is akin to how it feels against the skin.

And I love using the plump, mini kabuki for blush or blending out powder on my face.

The one Crown Brush face brush that I own is an angled, contour blusher.  It's densely packed and picks up a fair share of product in one swipe, so I try to keep a light hand when using it.  Now, I have noticed that it shed some hairs after its initial washing, but have not noticed any additional shedding since.

And then there's my chromed beauty from Rock & Republic: a flat-top buffer.  I have yet to really use this one, which is a shame because it feels absolutely wonderful against the skin!  However, I'm looking forward to using it and its overpopulation of soft bristles in applying a variety of powdered products.

I do also have an e.l.f. face brush in my collection, but this was more of a peer-pressure purchase than anything else.  My sister had bought it along with some other e.l.f. brushes and had "encouraged" me to do the same.  It's kinda scratchy, but does the job in applying and dispersing blush.  Oh, and the red and burgundy bristles are kinda cool, too.

Lastly, I have an off-brand, retractable kabuki and, despite it being an "el cheapo", it is a staple in my cosmetic face regimen as I use it for applying and buffing out my powder foundations as well as translucent powders.  I love this brush!

So, after surveying my catalog of face tools, I know that adding yet another brush is far from being a necessity.  But you know what?  There IS something that's missing; a brush I've been eyeballing for a while, but simply haven't picked up yet.  I want a fan brush!  Yes, that's what I "want/need"... then that should be it.  Oh!  But there's an ab fab one from Hourglass that I may snag, too.  Aaannd there were a few more from EcoTools that looked pretty interesting... I may have to cop a few of those as well.  And THEN that should be it - knock on wood.  (Or, in this case, bamboo.)

Either which way, there's gonna be another brush added to the collection.  And when I do, I'll be sure to put my newly gotten gains on front street just for you guys to peruse. 

Crown Brush is available at; Sonia Kashuk and e.l.f. are available at Target; EcoTools is available at various drugstores, including Ulta and Target.

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