Friday, June 6, 2014

My Brushes: Eyes

I've been thinking about getting some more makeup brushes.  MAC, specifically, has me intrigued with their line of tools for the eyes.  Amassing a huge collection of brushes is totally not my intent (especially when I know that a proper two to four are all that's really needed for completing either eyes or face).  However, I'm looking to get some backups for my faves and try some comps from other brands.  So, I'm taking a quick inventory of what I've already got in my stash.  First up: eyes.

I have three brushes from Crown Brush: two blenders that I absolutely love and a pencil that I barely use.  I bought them a few years ago on a whim and I'm so glad I did!  Sturdy and true to their tasks, these brushes have proven to be solid additions to my tally of tools.  And they're nicely priced, too!

(L to R: C433, C412, C431)

Soft on the lid, but serious in its execution, the C433 is the perfect "double agent" as it works well as both a shader for all-over color on the lid and as a blender for softening harsh lines.

(Side view)

And I absolutely love the soft and long, relaxed bristles of Crown Brush's C412, using it religiously to apply and spread my preferred transition eyeshadow to the area above the crease of my eye.

I also have three brushes from Rock & Republic's now defunct makeup venture: a smudger, a flat shader and a tapered blender... the latter of which I use the most.  The craftsmanship of the brushes is clearly evident via sight as well as touch... each exuding a certain rock 'n' roll elegance that was inherent to its makeup branding.

(L to R: 206, 202, 203)

Next, I have two brushes from Sonia Kashuk: an eyeliner and a small domed crease brush.  Owning a Sonia Kashuk brush seems to be a rites of passage for those first embarking on their makeup journey and I can see why - they're totally affordable, work well and are readily available at your local Target store.

Now this fluffy blender from EcoTools is another one of my faves.  It came as a part of a set of brushes and when I tell you that it is super soft and feels like heaven on the eye, please believe it!  I mean, you barely feel it against your skin while using it and it blends like an absolute dream. 

Last, but not least, is a small shader from an off-brand I found at my local grocery store.  It was one of a few brushes I picked up and, unlike one of the blush brushes, it has held up pretty well.  I also must confess that I reach for this shader more often than any of my others, purely out of convenience and habit.  But it serves me well every time and is def another fave.

So, there you have it - my motley crew of eyeshadow brushes.  I can honestly say that all of them are pretty awesome in that they're well constructed and none have shed on me during use or after washing, ever!

And now that I've surveyed my stock of eye brushes, I guess I can determine what more I should add to the stash.  Like I said earlier, it will prolly be more backups and the like... but just a few.  I'm actually a bit more pressed to get more face brushes, which means that I'm due to take a tally of those soon, too.  And I will.  Very soon.  And when I do, I'll give y'all the full report.

Crown Brush is available via their website; Sonia Kashuk is available at Target; EcoTools is available at various drugstores, including Target and Ulta.

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