Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Flashback: Call Me Bubbles

Hey, guys!  Do any of you remember this one?  I don't recall what collection it hails from, but it's one of the few pre-made palettes that I own from MAC.  Those already in the know know how I feel about MAC eyeshadows: when they're good, they're good; when they're bad... Well, let's just say that this is a quad-full of good ones.  So, if you don't mind traversing down makeup's memory lane with me, let's revisit all the loveliness that is MAC's Call Me Bubbles.

Call Me Bubbles is a compilation of four, summer-worthy shadows that not only share the same amount of intensity as far as color payoff, but they're all equally as gorgeous.  Starting clockwise from the left corner is citrus-tinged, off-white Call Me Bubbles; frosty tangerine Fresh Daily; cantaloupe coral Full of Flavor; brassy copper Brash. 

Call Me Bubbles (L), Fresh Daily (R)

Full of Flavor (L), Brash (R)

Brash (L), Coppering (R)

If I were to pick a favorite shade out of the palette, it would have to be Brash.  It is so satiny soft to the touch and when I tell you that my finger looked like it had been dipped in melted copper when I swatched it, please believe it.  It is a certifiable eye-popper!  And for those who were wondering if it was a dupe for MAC's Coppering, it's not.  Coppering is much rustier.

L - R: Brash, Full of Flavor, Fresh Daily, Call Me Bubbles

This palette is chock-full of hits!  All the colors are vibrant and absolutely GORGEOUS, especially Brash!  And as pretty as they all are, can you believe I have yet to wear any of them?  Yes, I know.  Calling Me Bubbles has been calling my name, though.  And I'll be heeding that call very soon.  Please believe it.  But until then, you can just slap me for sleeping on this palette for so long.  With an open hand.  And all five fingers... 

I give you full permission. 

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