Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Field Trip: Target

And so I made my way to one of my favorite places to hang out the other day...  I had no real agenda, but you know how that goes: it's awfully hard to enter a "wonderland" like Target and leave empty-handed.  But I fought the good fight, cruising the aisles with my arms tucked tightly at my side, trying not to grab at every sparkle and twinkle that caught my eye...   

I first made my way over and through the furniture aisle and visually feasted on the printed ottomans on display.  Pretty cute and comfy looking, I must say.  Seeing them gave me some ideas, too.

After wandering into the food section, I had the nerve to pick these bad boys up from the shelf knowing good an' well I don't need another cookies & creme ANYTHING as I already have a full supply of vanilla ice-cream and Oreos at the house.  But they were sweet to look at.

I got a little happy when I saw this hanging from its hook.  I like EOS' shaving cream as well as their lip balms, having tried the latter in the honeydew "flavor".  But a blueberry acai flavor?  Ooh-wee!  That had me intrigued.  I mean, I know it's only lip balm, but I think EOS balms are kinda fun to have... and, on top of that, they actually work well.

And now for the section of the store that makes my heart race just a little.  My Target shopping trip is far from complete if I cannot peruse the makeup/toiletry aisles... and peruse them I did!  I never really gave Boots No. 7 any genuine attention, but I sure was surprised (and pleasantly so) to find that they have a foundation line that includes a few deep shades.  It was just a few, but still an encouraging thing to see. 

Then came the obligatory swing past Sonia Kashuk's display and my eyes were drawn to her assortment of lip liners, especially this dark, hot pink one called Hibiscus.  I own some of her brushes, but haven't tried any of her makeup offerings.  Hmm... that may have to change very soon.

Revlon!!  OK, did I sound excited?  Too excited, perhaps.  But you know they have my heart as far as drugstore lippies and nail lacquers are concerned.  I took an extra slow stroll past their diverse display of colorful items, stopping to do an up-close survey of an eyeshadow palette and a groovy green polish.

I've heard so many good things about NYX's lip products and I keep saying that I'm going to try them; I just haven't as of yet.

But these NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminators quickly caught my fancy.  Has anyone tried these yet?  Either one looks like it would be pretty cool, but I'm not quite sure...

OK, I am not a real fan of ELF.  Yes, I have exactly two of their single shadows, which are actually good and nicely pigmented.  But the brand has never really called out to me.  However, these HD blushes sure do look enticing, don't they?  Wow.

So, while I was able to exercise a certain amount of restraint, I can't exactly say that I ended up leaving the store the same way I came.  I did make a purchase, which I will definitely share with you guys as soon as I can.  I injured my fingers a few days ago, but as soon as they are ready for prime time, it will be on and poppin'!  I repeat: ON AND POPPIN'!


  1. the HD blushes are phenomenol, super pigmented and i love them, i''m not a fan of the packaging though since the pump has a tendency to get stuck and the product does not come out, i've depotted all of mine and it works fine.

    1. Really? You like them that much, huh? Wow, I have to try one then... Thanks for the heads up! :0)