Friday, December 20, 2013

Painting By the Numbers, Pt. 3

Actually, this third and final installment in my Artful Eye review should be titled "Coloring By the Numbers" since this eyeshadow palette - the last in the collection - is covered in crayons.  But for the sake of continuity... we will forgo semantics here and just focus in on the absolute loveliness that is Stila's Artful Eye Collector's Edition Vol. III.

L to R: Light Apricot, Umber, Aquamarine, Violet, Ocean

If you read my previous posts regarding Vol. I and Vol. II then you know that I was pretty excited to give this one a go.  And I'm so, SO happy to report that this baby did NOT disappoint!  Volume III is a pack of five vibrant shadows encased in a sturdy, cardboard palette complete with a magnetic closure.  And when I tell you that the eyeshadows are potently pigmented, soft to the touch and all around awesome, please believe me!  Each of the pans yielded color with notable vigor and left a full blast of opaqueness with every swatch.  Gorgeous, I tell ya!  Absolutely gorgeous...

L to R: Light Apricot, Umber, Aquamarine

L to R: Violet, Ocean

L to R: Ocean, Violet, Aquamarine, Umber, Light Apricot

Did I already express to y'all how much I love this palette?  I LOVE this palette!  I think the entire Artful Eye collection is awesome, but I have to say that Volume III is my favorite out of the group.  And those who are familiar with me know why: it's robust with color with a pair of pretty neutrals thrown in for good measure.  Volume II is a very close second with Vol. I rounding out the list as the essential workhorse, helping to blend and highlight.

But I do adore the collection in its entirety and simply cannot wait to become a "painted lady" and apply all of these wonderful colors to my eager, blank canvas.  Artful Eye was an excellent B-Fri find that I'm totally over the moon about.  #Winning!

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