Monday, December 16, 2013

Painting By the Numbers

OK, so I'm going to keep the B-Fri sales train going by showing you guys another set of shadows I got during that shopping weekend.  It's the first in a set of artist themed palettes from Stila which, ironically, ended up being the very last one I bought.  I figured for only ten smackers each I might as well get the entire collection.  And so, if you have a moment, allow me to chatter a bit about Stila's Artful Eye Collector's Edition, Vol. I.

Volume I comprises five neutral/highlighter shades that include a golden apricot, pearled honey, pale peach, faint pink and dirty gray-mauve.  The sturdy, cardboard palette is covered in a motif of paint tubes that correspond by color to the eyeshadows nestled inside.

L to R: Oasis, Glee, Starlight, Shell, Grace

L to R: Oasis, Glee

L to R: Starlight, Shell, Grace

L to R: Oasis, Glee, Starlight, Shell, Grace

I found all the shades to be highly pigmented and soft to the touch except for Grace, which was of a stiffer/drier nature and a tad bit fussy while trying to swatch.  I had to do a few passes to get suitable opacity from this shadow, which seems to be a satin freckled with silver pearl.  However, the others were true "pearls" as they yielded ample color with no problem.

Well, I've got two more books of shadows from this Artful series that I'll be sharing: Volume II is an eye-catching set of neutrals while Volume III boasts a more colorful profile, neither of which I've tested yet.  But if Volume I is any type of ambassador for the collection then it does well in painting a promising picture of what the next two may have in store.

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