Monday, September 2, 2013

Hair Love: Fiendin' for Phyto

I've been on a roll with my hair as of late.  I've been keeping on schedule with trimmings and perming, been steadfast about using heat only once a week and my products have been working harmoniously to promote growth and shine.  And then I ran out of my beloved Fresh Soy poo and Pomegranate con.  Both bottles, cleaned out!  Empty!  In a panic, I rummaged through a bag of long forgotten hair product samples I'd accumulated over the years and grabbed a mega sample of Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo by Phyto.  I really didn't expect much, which makes the final outcome all the more satisfying.

Phytojoba is a coconut-based shampoo that enlists the hydrating properties of jojoba oil as well as cornflower and mallow extracts to create a gentle and moisturizing bath for dry tresses.  It's just one of a bounty of products from Phyto, a plant-based, natural haircare line that originated in France.  

Free of parabens and synthetic dyes, the shampoo reminds me of hot milk - both in smell and texture.  It looks like milk, smells like coconut milk and is extremely thin and runny, so much so that I initially thought my sample had gone bad and separated.  I didn't expect the shampoo to pour out so quickly and nearly emptied the entire bottle on my head in one go.  However, Phytojoba's thin, water-like texture totally belies its luxuriously moisturizing properties.  It. Is. Awesome.

I paired Phytojoba with my treasured Aubrey's GPB and my hair ended up singing an aria of joy!  Oh, the shine!  Oh, the softness and silkiness!  I couldn't believe how incredible my hair felt.

I get natural, sun-kissed highlights in the summer (like most people) and I believe that they were emphasized via the use of the shampoo.  They're subtle so I know you prolly can't see them, but they're there!

Now I've only used this shampoo once, so maybe I'm jumping the gun a tad.  But I can't help it!  I had to spill the beans early because I am just that impressed.  I had heard a lot about Phyto and their products, but never tried them before.  I can't even tell you when or where I received the bottled sample I used, but I'm so glad I kept it.  After the first wash, my hair felt like it would after a fresh perm.  Speaking of perms/relaxers, they make those, too!  Whoa...

Am I going to abandon my Fresh products for Phyto?  I can't be sure right now, but it would be remiss of me not to investigate the line further and try out some more stuff.   I mean, Phytojoba has got me fiendin' for more Phyto everything, man.   But for now, I'll start slow.  If everything works out, I'll just grab a full-sized bottle of the P-joba.  Then maybe try a conditioner.  And if that's successful, then maybe the hair balm.  Ooh!  Then maybe the relaxer to see how that works.   Yeah, and their serums sure look nice.  Oh, and what about...

Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo is available at Sephora and, and retails for $19/6.7ozs.


  1. your hair looks luxurious! lol i received a few samples from this brand in i believe last month's curlbox, i have yet to try them though but i hear nothing but good things about them, now i'm itching to use them! lol oh, and i see your highlights :)

  2. THANK YOU!! I have to say that it feels luxurious, too! Ooh, you HAVE to try your Phyto samples; I wanna know what you got and how they work for you. And I'm glad you could see my highlights. Lol.