Friday, September 6, 2013

Barbie: South African Princess

Toasted, ebon-hued skin.  Soft brown eyes.  Full, heart-shaped lips.  I've never seen a doll, let alone a Barbie doll, with such rich and genuine African features - which is why I just had to have her.  She's a dark beauty from a regal bloodline that goes back many years.  She is a Princess of South Africa.

Hailing from the Ndebele tribe, she is adorned with essential accoutrements that adhere to cultural traditions as well as denote her stature in the village.  From the gold and red headbands crowning her short, textured hair to the large and colorful beaded necklaces encircling her neck, she is truly a sight to behold.

Besides the gold hoops in her ears, her neck and ankles are fitted with snug gold rings called izixolwana, which are considered the most attractive accessories a woman in her village can wear.

Draped over her shoulders is a traditional ngurara, or colorful blanket, that can be unsnapped to reveal...

the gorgeous, black and white printed sheath underneath. 

And in her grip is her personal decorated mace, or ceremonial staff, which is traditionally used while dancing.

With her gold eyeshadow and gilded lips, this stately beauty's look hits all the right notes of sophistication while keeping in line with her rich culture and heritage.  And I'm absolutely in love with her skin tone; so deep and dark, this Princess is every inch the stunning, resplendent vision her title suggests... and then some. 

Just another jewel I'm proud to have in my collection.


  1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Joanne! :0)

  2. There is not pictures of the body, sad, but good review anyway.

    1. Hi, Marceboom! There are full body pictures of the doll in her box as well as in her black and white printed sheath. Thanks for reading.