Monday, May 6, 2013

Storage: My Makeup Setup

OK, I think I finally got it.  I think, for now, my makeup situation is together... complete.  It didn't take much and I'm rather happy with my simple layout.  No clutter, no curlycues or overly ornate setups - not that there's anything wrong with that, but I wanted simple and accessible and I think I achieved it.

I employed the help of two, wire mesh organizers bought on sale from an office supply store.  Each one sits on the opposite side of the top of my bureau.  I bought them in black because it's obviously a neutral color that won't clash with whatever motif my room happens to reflect at that time.

The organizers have plenty of room to house and bring order to some of my loose items, including three drawers that can pull completely out and adequately hold my single shadows and mini eyeshadow palettes.

My makeup brushes and some of my perfume collections sit atop the second organizer.

Tucked underneath in the three drawers are some of my face products, eye and lip liners and double-ended eye brushes.  I would like to further organize and separate the liners by color, but this will do for now.

Flocking the right side of the organizer are my earring organizer (which I talked about here) and bejeweled jewelry mannequin that my mom got me for my birthday.

I wanted to keep my bureau top as clutter-free as possible so hidden away in the first three drawers is the remainder of my cosmetic items.

The first drawer is devoted to my lip products and some of my face products (in the plastic bin).

Where in transport I had my lipsticks laying down, I have them standing name-side up in the lipstick holder.

Next over are my cheek products, including my bronzers and blushes.

And in the middle in a plastic cup is a small collection of my perfume samples.

The third drawer houses my palettes (both large and small), pigments and false lashes (which I have yet to wear, by the way).

Now that this chapter is complete, I am on to organizing my closet.  I am content with how it turned out and if I get some more... OK, who do I think I'm foolin'?  WHEN I get some more items, I will rearrange and accommodate as necessary.  But for right now, this setup suits me just fine.

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