Monday, April 29, 2013

Storage: My Jewelry (Part 1)

While I'm still fine tuning my whole set up and finding proper placement for my doodads, I have had tremendous help from a long forgotten source.  I stumbled onto an extremely old jewelry container I had packed away for what seems like forever ago and had totally dismissed from memory.  Dusty and dirty from neglect, I cleaned up the clear, plastic gem bought on a whim during my stint in high school but never really used... until now.

This small jewelry container is neat little find.  Besides it being made of the clear, hard plastic/acrylic that is so popular now, it has two main areas that can accommodate variously sized items.

The top part is dedicated to earrings, which can be accessed via lifting the top of the case.  It also has a drawer at the bottom that can easily be pulled out and used for additional items.

The top shelf has two rows of grooves and holes for both your post and small hook earrings to fasten to and/or hang from.

The bottom drawer is better suited for larger pieces like hoops, teardrops and chandelier earrings.  You could really put anything in the bottom, including rings and small bracelets, but I chose to keep it earring oriented.

And did you notice the old school, gold hoops - otherwise known as "donuts" - that I'm still holding on to?  Umm... yeah.  Can't let these go, man.  Just can't.

Anyway, finding this has been serendipitous.  I do have way more jewelry than this could possibly hold, but I think its size and design lends to finding my smaller earrings more efficiently.  It beats having to wade through a huge jewelry box filled with a motley of accessories just to pluck out a pair of studs. 

Not sure if The Container Store or other outlets sell anything similar, but if you happen to encounter something close to its layout I would recommend getting it.  Pretty cool and totally worth it.

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