Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Shimmer In A Pan

It is described as a "blazing burnt orange with golden shimmer".  I simply refer to it as my own personal "sunshine in a pan".  It's bright, but subtle.  It's shimmery, but not sparkly.  And it's positively stunning.  It's NARS' inimitable Taj Mahal.

I freely admit that when I first got this, I didn't get it.  I swiped some of it on my cheeks and thought, "Ok, now what?"  I guess with all that I had heard about it I was expecting a little more of a "wow factor" and I just wasn't getting it.  But let me tell you... when I contoured my cheeks with some bronzer and then added Taj Mahal straight to my apples... BOOM!  It happened.  I got the warm, glowing, just-came-back-from-vacation look I was waiting for.  Success, baby. 

Like all of NARS' blushes, Taj Mahal is fully pigmented and finely milled.  There's no dust or shimmer cast-off during application and the color is sheer to buildable.

Can you tell that I'm just itching for some more sunshine in my life right about now?  I can't wait until it gets much warmer so I can pull out a cute little sundress, rock some face-engulfing shades and get my mini-vacay on with a dash of Taj on my cheeks.  An exotic, sun drenched trip all for under thirty bucks?  Yes, please and thank you!

NARS Taj Mahal can be found at Sephora and, and retails for $29.

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