Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring - Lush Greens

Today is the official start of spring, guys!  Out with the cold and in with the new found warmth of the season.  And with the new season comes the first round of "it" colors.  Heading up the list this go around is GREEN - a color I'm actually cool with and have various shades of in my makeup stash, although I don't often wear it.  So for the sake of staying on trend, let's explore a few options and hues of the shade that seems to be all the buzz right now.

Now I know you already know this one.  Humid is one of MAC's classic eyeshadows and with good reason. 

It is a gorgeous emerald frost with gold pearl that is smooth to the touch and has excellent color payoff.  Rock it in the daytime with a nice purple or smoke it out with a black base underneath for an awesome after hours look.  Either which way, Humid is one mean green.

If the thought of rocking a green lid makes you a little "green around the gills" with apprehension then why not line your eyes with the hue instead?  Maybelline has a gem of a green gel that's worth a look called Forest.

Forest is a dark, creamy green that is from Maybelline's EyeStudio Line.  The gel liner is smooth upon application and delivers opaque coverage with ease.  I have had this one for a little over a year and it has yet to dry out, too.  Can't say that about a lot of drug store gel/cream liners.  Impressive.

Another green liner that may be right up your alley is a silky, fluid offering from CARGO called Khaki.

Khaki is a darkened olive with gold pearl.  This fiercely fabulous eyeliner is fully packed with color and absolutely glides across the skin during application.  LOVE!

(In direct sunlight)

Instead of donning green eyes, maybe you would prefer to sport a green thumb (and index, and middle, and ring, and pinky finger)...

Or perhaps a lime-spotted scarf... or groovy green blouse... or a playful, leaf-print canvas tote?

With so much out there, going green for spring is easy peasy.  It's all a matter of what you want to rock and how you want to rock it.  So what are you waiting for?  'Tis the season and you have officially been given the green-light to go all out and have fun with the current color du jour!

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