Monday, March 4, 2013

Seasonal Foundation

Do you change your makeup with the seasons?  I have to admit that I don't really find the need to wear foundation too often.  However, I have taken notice that certain products tend to do better than others under certain situations.  This winter my skin woefully expressed a need for extra moisture so I obliged it by reaching for a tinted moisturizer in lieu of regular foundation.  And the summer prior I opted for my Revlon ColorStay because of its stellar performance in the humidity and heat.  Each seemed better suited for that specific climate at the time.  Thus began my unscripted seasonal assigning of foundations based on weather changes and environmental demands.

Tinted moisturizer in the winter?  Yes, ma'am!  I find it more suitable for my parched winter skin than in the summer when my skin is slick with dew from perspiration.  My favorite right now is Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer.   

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Laura Mercier included a wide range of shades to accommodate a broad spectrum of skin tones.  My color is Walnut.  I like this a lot because it is light in coverage (like most TMs) and it gives my skin a soft, healthy looking, satin-like finish.  For application, I simply use my fingers.

Now my Revlon ColorStay is absolutely infallible in the summer, which is why I rock it during the hot months.  I think it holds up so well because it is the oily skin formulation so it works extra hard to fight back shine and extra oil on your face.  Now the thing is is that I do NOT have oily skin, but I ended up buying this formula because "normal" 400 Caramel is not the same color as "oily" 400 Caramel, which I find weird.  "Normal" Caramel is flatter and paler in comparison and, therefore, not a match for my skin.

I like Revlon ColorStay foundation because it does not leave me feeling like I am wearing a heavy mask on my face.  The coverage is medium to buildable and the combo/oily formula has a semi-matte to satin finish.  I use my duo fiber brush for a flawless application.

And then there's my Perfectly Real powder foundation from Clinique.  I absolutely love this stuff because it's totally versatile to wear no matter what season and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. 

My shade is 146 and it is a dead-on match.  For a seamless application, I like to use my retractable Kabuki to lightly buff and blend the color.

And so there you have it -  my cozy selection of "seasonal foundations", if you will.  Now nothing is etched in stone and I will basically wear what I want when I want to wear it, but I am keenly aware of the benefits of knowing the efficacy of my makeup and how it may change from season to season.
Do you change your makeup in accordance with the seasons?  And if so, what's your preferred lineup?


  1. yeah, i definitely change my foundations with the seasons, my skin is very oily and is very reactive to temperature change. revlon is also my go to for the summer, while maybelline dream matte mousse is awesome for during the spring and my revlon photoready during the fall for winter, well, there really isn't winter where i'm from lol

  2. No cold winter months for you? LUCKY! LOL. As for Revlon's Photoready, I've wondered whether it was as good or better than ColorStay. Hmm... maybe I'll check it out. :0)