Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Flashback: CARGO's Catwalk

Does anyone remember this?  This is CARGO's Catwalk, a fashion themed collection of ten eyeshadows, three blushes and bronzer all compiled into a book-like palette.  It was a limited edition item that came out a few years ago and I believe it had two versions.  I don't recall what the other one was called, but it had the same set up, just a different set of colored shadows.

Again, the palette is reminiscent of a medium-sized coffee table book and when you open it...

...there is a makeup application guide on the left and the actual palette covered by tissue paper on the right.

And what a pretty palette it is!  I love how the layout and look of the collection plays up on the fashion theme with its button eyeshadows and cable knit blushes/bronzer.  Very cool.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm does not carry over to the actual performance of the products - specifically the button shadows.  Outside of maybe three colors, I did not find them to have great payoff and some were even "crumbly" as seen in the gold swatch above.

The cheek products fared a little better in my book with the honey wheat colored bronzer being my fave as far as texture and performance.  The blushes had a decent color payoff, but still had that "crumble" factor.   

This one, the middle blush, reminds me of NARS' Torrid... but in shade only.

The bronzer may appear to be matte, but it does have a slight golden sheen that makes it a nice highlight for my skin.

It's a sheen that can be better seen in the sunlight as in the swatch above.

But by far, the real star of the collection is the gray/silver palette that's tucked between the two sets of button shadows.  The color payoff of this quad is fantastic and every shade feels smooth with no evidence of crumble in sight.

I've been thinking about breaking up the collection by taking the different elements out of its cardboard housing and placing them in makeshift palettes for easier transport, but I'm scared it will be a mess of epic proportions.  Besides, I kinda don't want to destroy the creative layout of the book and all.  I guess I better leave well enough alone.

So has anyone else heard of this, let alone have this in your stash?  If so, any thoughts or feelings on the product?  Overall, I think it's an OK offering from the brand... I just wish the performance and quality of the collection lived up to the promise its beautiful presentation implies.

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