Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Beautiful Skyline

Want to try something that's a little different?  Do you like experimenting with new and interesting products?  Are you itching to add yet another item to your makeup stash?  Well, I think I may have something that's right up your alley.  I would like to present for your review Stila's Stay All Day 3D Wet-To-Set Trio in Skyline.

Skyline is one of six trios from Stila's new line of water activated eyeshadows.  The solid brick of three colors  housed in a glossy black compact that also contains a mirror.

Opening the compact reveals the two shimmery and one matte that makes up Skyline's trifecta of shadows which, going from left to right, includes a shimmery cream, pearly mauve and a matte, charcoal tinged purple.

Now when swatching it dry, the shadows feels hard and do not yield much color at all, although the mauve was halfway cooperative and yielded the most out of the three.

But the true magic is supposed to happen when it's wet...

And so, when following the instructed application of wetting your brush and swirling it around in the product, the shadows turn to a creamy consistency and BINGO!  We have color!

Now I found that if you dip your brush into the shadows and then wet your brush with the dry shadow on it, you will get more of a watercolor effect (like the tail end of the purple swatch and the white swatch above).  And if you wet your brush first then swirl it around, gathering the damp shadow on your brush, you will get a more potent pass of color (like the middle mauve swatch above).  No matter which technique you use, the color is buildable; after applying to lids, wait for it to dry then apply more.  Also worth noting, even though it appeared to be a cream color in the pan, the lighter shade in the Skyline trio turned out to be more of a white when swatched. 

Overall, I really like Skyline and think that the Wet-To-Set formula is pretty neat.  I totally see using the charcoal-purple from time to time as a liner and the mauve is just so doggone pretty.   My only caveat: it does have a faint smell to it when you first open it, but it does not seem to linger during or after application. 

Stila's Stay All Day 3D Wet-To-Set Eyeshadow Trio in Skyline is available at and, and retails for $24.

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