Monday, January 21, 2013

You Down With OCC? Yeah, You Know Me!

And so here we are again.  Another tube of OCC's Lip Tar, another review.  If you read my review of my first Lip Tar Nylon then you know that I think they are pretty neat-o products.  Lip Tars are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that can be mixed with other colors to create a totally unique shade.  Nylon whet my appetite for more and so I got another one.  This time in Queen.

Queen is described as a "neon red coral".  The color leans heavily towards the reddish-pink side.  Like all Lip Tars, it has a faint peppermint smell, but no discernible taste, and settles down to an opaque matte/semi-matte finish after applied.

Because of its intense color payoff, only a small dot (literally) would be required to lacquer your entire pout.  It spreads easily with a finger or brush and is incredibly long-wearing.

Even after rubbing my finger vigorously with a cosmetic wipe, Queen proved to be a royal pain to try and depose - a true testament to its staying power and the strength of its pigmentation.

I have some plans for Queen for the upcoming spring.  I think I may mix her with a muted orange lipstick or wear her in her original glory with the floral yellow dress I've been anxious to rock.  Either which way, I know the Queen and I are going to have fun together.  

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Queen Lip Tar can be found at Sephora and, and retails for $16.

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