Friday, December 14, 2012

OCC's Nylon Lip Tar

Ahhh... Nothing says "demure wallflower" like a pair of hot pink lips, huh?   No?  Don't agree?  OK... well, maybe not.   But don't let the neon pink color of OCC's Nylon send you running for the hills because it's really not as intimidating as it looks.  Well, it kinda is... but it doesn't have to be. 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic company that is best known for its highly concentrated lip products called Lip Tars.   These Lip Tars are long lasting liquid pigments that come in a wide selection of colors that can be combined to create a custom shade or used alone.  They have a faint peppermint smell, but no discernible taste, and settle down to an opaque matte/semi-matte finish after applied. 

Nylon is an unforgiving, bright Barbie pink color.  At full capacity, it is truly a color for only the bold and the brave to wear.

The lightweight, non-sticky formula is easily dispensed from its tube and best applied with either your fingers or a lip brush, which OCC now provides via its updated packaging.  And because of how color saturated Lip Tars are, you only need a tiny dot to achieve full mouth coverage.  Guys, I am not exaggerating.  Even the small dollop on my finger (above) is way too much.

Nylon lightly applied (above), heavily applied (below).
As you can see, Nylon is quite a vivid vision of pink, but I would still venture to say that it is wearable.  Yes, the heavy swatch is quite daring and probably wouldn't be suitable for the office or Sunday morning bible study.  But look at the lighter swatch at the top.  I took just a teensy-weensy bit and dabbed it out so that the color was more muted.  Imagine this muted version of Nylon with a clear or pale lip gloss on top.  You could use it as a base under a sheerer lipstick to help boost the color or even create a whole new shade by combining a bit of this with another lipstick (perhaps orange to make a coral) or Lip Tar.  You could even wear it as a lip stain.  And that's where I believe the real beauty of this product lies: it's a potently pigmented liquid that is highly versatile in its use.    

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tars can be found at Sephora and, and retail for $16. 


  1. Lovely color indeed, i thought about purchasing this but found candy yum yum in my stash so i think I'll pass. i think this can also be great as a blush! :)

  2. I did hear that Candy Yum Yum was virtually the same color as this. I missed out on it when MAC released it so I got this as a consolation. Good idea on using it as a blush, too!