Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Flashback: Photo Realism

Hey, guys!  Does anyone remember this one?  I missed the initial outing of this particular quad due to my late entry into the eyeshadow game, but had heard about it through the makeup lovers' grapevine and managed to scoop it later from a well stocked CCS/CCO (Cosmetics Company Store/Outlet).  Already deep in the throes of accumulating a wealth of their singles, I believe this was my very first palette from MAC.  The residual chit-chat surrounding it was pretty positive and the colors really appealed to me... therefore, I had to have it.  So, if you have a moment, let's go traipsing down memory lane and reminisce a bit about the Photo Realism eyeshadow quad from MAC.


(Top L to R: Photo Realism, Fresh Approach; Bottom L to R: Image Maker, Grey Range)
Photo Realism is an assortment dusky greens with a pale, champagne gold thrown into the mix for good measure.  A limited edition offering from MAC, it was one of three quads that hailed from its Makeup Art Cosmetics collection.  The four colors included are Photo Realism, which is a champagne gold with a frost finish (Frost); Fresh Approach, which is a pale, seafoam green with a pearl finish (Veluxe Pearl); Image Maker, which is a clay Army green (Frost); Grey Range, which is a muted teal (Veluxe Pearl).

(Photo Realism)

(Fresh Approach)
(Photo Realism - L; Fresh Approach - R)

(Image Maker)

(Grey Range)

(Image Maker - L; Grey Range - R)

(L to R: Grey Range, Image Maker, Fresh Approach, Photo Realism)

Swatching this palette with my fingers proved to be a much easier task than trying to apply the shadows on my eye with a brush.  Although they are nicely pigmented, I found that I had to really pack on the color in order to sufficiently saturate the lid, with Image Maker being the most temperamental of them all.  Also, having a color boosting base is essential to breathing some life into this understated foursome (at least on my skin tone) and have found my NYX Horse Raddish Jumbo Pencil to be über helpful in this area.

So there you have it.  July 4th is this weekend and I'm thinking of rockin' this palette in lieu of any of the traditional red, white or blue.  You know me - I can be pretty "anti" when it comes to certain things, especially makeup.  Hey, I may not wear any makeup at all!  Who knows?  All I know is that I've got to get on the good foot and start makin' use of this bad boy.  Photo Realism is too pretty a quad to just keep hidden away... and I really am glad to have it as a part of my collection!        

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