Monday, June 1, 2015

Barbie: Basics No. 9

And so, without much thought or deliberation, I plucked yet another stylish diva from the flock of like-minded fashionistas I like to call the "BBC" or "Barbie Basics Crew".  Oh, you may have seen them around.  They're the ├╝ber sophisticates whose style boasts a simple philosophy: black frocks rock!  Their style is unmistakable, each flaunting a uniquely tailored interpretation of "minimalistic chic" via surprisingly simple LBDs that are, no less, worthy of a double take.  So let's jump right to it, shall we?  I'd love to introduce you to Number 9 from the BBC and do a little show 'n' tell on what she's working with.

While her voguish cohort Number 1 opted for a cowl-neck version, this beauty decided on a slouch turtleneck ribbed-knit with an empire waist.  Sleek with a gentle hug on all the right places, this sleeveless LBD's cocktail length affords her the best of both worlds as she can comfortably go from daytime's uptown to nighttime's downtown all without having to make a pit stop in between to change.

Working as the perfect complement to her dress in both comfort and versatility are a smart pair of black slingbacks.  Pointed in the toe and high-heeled, they provide the extra BAM! needed for her already shapely gams to achieve pin-up worthy status.

From the top of her arms right down to her naked wrists, there are no excessive adornments in sight... except for the flash of color beaming from her freshly manicured hands.

Short hair, don't care!  Every flaxen lock is in its assigned place as she fearlessly sports a sculpted, chin-length bob, courtesy of the expert shears at Vidal Sassoon.

And while at the salon, Barbie decided to have the full-on works and get her face "beat" by one of the resident makeup artists, giving the MUA carte blanche in the process.  Sparkling gold with a brown cut crease and purple highlights was what the artist composed for her lids while large, butterfly-like lashes were used to accent her almond-shaped eyes and make them appear more open.  On her lips, a glossy rose-pink helps to balance out all the drama and add the final touch.

So there you have it!  Another member of the BBC expertly rockin' a version of the "little black dress" and doing it with finesse and much flair... but without the raucous and visual clamor of bangles and such.  Again, simplicity is the main element to their philosophy.  Hair and makeup bring a bit of interest to the conversation, but clearly the floor belongs to the LBD, leaving the timeless classic to do most of the talking and speak for itself.  As Barbie has proven time and time again, less is more when you stick to the basics.  It's the perfect equation for fashion success!


  1. Cute barbie... Nice hair ....

    1. Thanks! I agree. So glad you like her! ;0)