Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Barbie: Basics No. 1

You know, there's something to be said about the whole "less is more" movement when it comes to certain things.  A bit more explicit in doctrine than "everything in moderation", the saying holds a verifiable amount of weight - especially when it comes to fashion.  Oh, there's a time and a place for an armful of bangles, a stoned-out bib necklace and other ornate accessories, but simplicity has its place, too.  And is always right on time.  So, with that being said, I would love to show you how Ms. Barbara Millicent "gets down" and strips down to the bare essentials.  It's a lesson in Chic 101 and the ultimate fashionista herself is teaching us all about the basics.


Styled effortlessly and devoid of any fanfare, Barbie clearly has a PHD in rockin' an LBD with deft sophistication.  Her off-the-shoulder, mock cowl-neck knit is every bit the classic "little black dress" and then some.  Form fitting, the frock softly frames her curves while skirting quite a few inches above the knees.  Scant in length, but confidently modern and sexy, this LBD allows her to serve up ample legs for days all while still leaving mucho to the imagination.


Keeping in step with her fashionable ode to minimalism, she dons black, peep-toe slides in Italian leather as the only other extension to her ensemble.  No bling-bling.  No jingle-jangle.  No sparkle... choosing rather to crown the look via embellishments of color, starting with the pink polish on her toes and fingernails...


... and ending with an artistic symphony of golds, browns and mauve adorning her cornflower-blue eyes.  Baby pink lips help complete the look while her waist-length, flaxen blonde locks are swept up in a chic, but understated "half 'n' half". 

Well, there you have it.  Sometimes it's the simplest rendition of elegance that is the most profound as Barbie has so smartly proven.  It's time to put away the all the clamorous extras and take notes - class is in session.  This inimitable style maven is going to show us exactly how it's done.  It's Chic 101: the beauty of how less is definitely more... when expertly edited right down to the basics.  

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