Monday, January 26, 2015

Triple Threat

OK, I'm going way back with this one.  Years ago, before I crossed over to the pricier side of haircare, my drugstore line of choice was Garnier Fructis.  Not only did it have a fresh apple-like smell reminiscent of my former go-to brand Salon Selectives (ring a bell with anyone?), but it also left my hair feeling and looking quite good from what I recall.  I still love my Phytocitrus shampoo.  However, I find myself running through the 6oz bottles rather quickly.  So, with my confidence buoyed by fond memories of my past dealings with the brand, I decided to give Garnier another go and grabbed a bottle of their Triple Nutrition shampoo during a casual perusal of the aisles at my local grocery store.   

Triple Nutrition is just one of the shampoo/conditioner options under the Garnier Fructis beauty banner.  Formulated to address the needs of parched and/or damaged locks, it employs the help of avocado, olive and almond oils as well as shea butter to help strengthen and nourish hair while adding shine.  This golden elixir comes in a clear, flip-top bottle and smells like fresh pineapple! #LOVELY!

So there you have it - a quick introduction of the latest hair product that'll be vying for a space in my haircare roundup.  I'm hoping for the best with this one.  As long as my hair doesn't end up feeling like straw and it works well with the other motley of products, I'm golden.  And if that does turn out to be the case, I'll definitely do an update on the new lineup in my regimen.  Until then, I'll be testing Triple Nutrition out on my chemically relaxed strands within the next week or so and let you know whether or not it's a triple threat indeed.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo is available at various drugstores, including Target, and retails for around $4/13oz.  

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