Friday, July 25, 2014


OK, so I was at it again, guys.  I was due for a fresh, new mani and decided to dive back into the water... water marbling, that is.  I recruited all the usual suspects from my first marbling venture along with a new roster of nail polish colors, my current summer staple Eclectic heading up the crew.  So, if you don't mind me bending your ear for a few moments, I'd love to chit-chat and share with you the latest nail design I've concocted.

Once again, I had no problems with my polishes dispersing as the ring leader, Eclectic, started off my water collage.  However, unlike before, I was no longer concerned with perfecting my "bull's-eyes".  Unharnessed by precision and accuracy, I took pleasure in letting the lacquer land leisurely and freely at will.

And after dragging my improvised utensil (yes, I'm still using the bent up earring) through a few times, a pretty pattern appeared... ready to be adorned.

(Right hand)

(Left hand)

Now this go 'round, between my left and my right, I prefer my right hand's design.  The left hand ended up having a lot more white in it, which is cool, but I just love the way the colors on the right came together.

You know, I'm really having fun with water marbling (as if you couldn't tell!).  I mean, you get all the benefits of wearing an awesome nail design sans the expended energy and burnt brain cells from having to come up with one.  You don't have to be a master artist in order to create a masterpiece on your nails - a few drops here, a couple of drags there and you've created a masterful design!  And it's quick, too!

So, needless to say, there will prolly be a few more water works coming up in the near future.  I can't help it, y'all.  I'm enjoying all the creative randomness that this medium brings.  Water marbling is controlled randomness, if that makes any sense.  And I'm absolutely loving the process!