Friday, April 25, 2014

Minty Fresh

When I saw this on the shelf I did a double take.  I had been in hot pursuit of a polish this shade for a while and couldn't believe my fortune in finding this lovely lacquer while cruising my local Target last week.  And just in time for summer!  So, if you're up for hearing the lowdown on my latest color crush, I'd love to share with you my thoughts on Revlon's nail polish in Eclectic.

Eclectic is a creamy mint-green.  Not too green and not too pastel, it's the exact persuasion of mint I was looking for.  Revlon polishes have a thinner consistency than most other brands, but it applied smoothly, evenly and streak-free.  I devoted three coats of color to achieve a nice opacity and gained a high-shine, glossy finish in the process.  Once dried, I did notice a smattering of tiny bumps or bubbles on my nails - small flaws that I consider minor since they were only visible via an up-close inspection and didn't compromise the overall beauty nor clean look of the finish.  And it lasted up to a week (five/six days, which is average for me) before succumbing to my errand-driven, busy hands... all without the aid of a top coat or base coat.

I am loving this color, y'all!  And I can already tell you that besides Tropical Temptation, this shade is going to be in heavy rotation this summer.  I'm also thinking that this may be the very first bottle of polish that I actually use up in its entirety; it's that pretty to me.  And on my toes?  Fuggitaboutit!  Eclectic is going to get the super rock-out on my feet... please believe it!  So don't go rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth when I start documenting my summer shoe purchases and all you see is post after post of minty green toes.  Oh, yes, the seed of obsession has been firmly planted and is ready to sprout, y'all.  YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED...

Revlon Eclectic is available at various drugstores, including Walmart and Target, and retails for around $6.

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