Monday, March 24, 2014

Pearly Plum - 446

Happy Monday, everybody!  Did you have a good weekend?  Hope so.  Mine was OK... nothing spectacular to speak of.  I went the neutral route as far as my face was concerned, but I'm ready to do a one-eighty this week and play with some color.  And after perusing my stash, I think I know just the shadow to recruit for the task.  It's one that I have yet to actually use, which is a shame because it's a ravishing number that just begs to be worn.  It's pretty.  It's purple.  It's from Inglot.  And it's shade #446.

#446 is a lush, moody shade of plum and it's from Inglot's Freedom System lineup of single eyeshadows.  It is potently pigmented, yielding rich ribbons of opaque color that blend effortlessly on the eye.  The shadow's texture is soft, but firm, and it has a pearl finish.

I've been thinking about pairing this with a nice green OR I could go the conventional, no-brainer route and just pair it with pink.  Hmm... But what I might do is smoke it out, nice and dark, and finally make use of one of my pairs of false lashes!  Hmm... Yes, that may be the way to go if I'm up for it and don't cop to the role of Lazy Lima Bean and do nothin'.

Nah, I think I'm going to for it, y'all.  I really think I should.  And when/if I do, I'll be sure to report back with pics and ample evidence of the outcome!

Inglot #446 is available at Inglot boutiques and select Macy's, and retails for $7.

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