Monday, March 31, 2014

On The Hunt

About a week ago, Birthday Boy came by and scooped me so we could go looking at motorcycles.  Oh, not me for me, though.  Strictly for him!  You know men and their toys...  Anywho, we went to some bike mecca located off the beaten path and perused their rows upon rows of inventory, all to feed his latest "need for speed" cravings.

The indoor showroom was a huge kaleidoscope of colors, handlebars, fiberglass and chrome as we made our way through the long aisles.  Motorcycles really aren't my thing so I did my best to cover up my aloofness with feigned interest and even managed to throw in a couple of "oohs" and "aahs" for good measure as he navigated the different makes and models.  His heart seemed to be set on something specific, however, so we worked our way outside to see if we could satisfy it.

After some additional legwork, his eyes (and heart) locked onto this cherry bomb and the search was pretty much over.  He had found his new toy and conservatively gushed over it as he surveyed the details and contemplated all the particulars.  This was a mission of reconnaissance so he could make a fully informed purchase at a later date.  And after an exchange of a business card and a hearty handshake, his mission was now complete.  

But he wasn't the only one who was on the hunt that day.  I, too, wanted to gather info on a possible new pad or new digs - if you will.  You know, just in case I want a change soon.  Or need one.  I wasn't sure whether I could take photos or not (and didn't even bother to ask), so the pic above is of an apartment I had initially seen a while ago, but passed on because I felt it was too narrow and spacially challenged.  It pretty much looks the same as the one B-Boy and I visited, minus an upstairs.  And, just like the one in the picture, it ended up being too small and narrow.

As the day came to an end, he and I parted ways, which left me making dinner for one: a homemade Angus cheeseburger topped with various greens, including arugula and spinach, with a handful of salt 'n' pepper potato chips on the side.

And if you follow me on IG (Instagram) then you already know about this mammoth confection of delight.  B-Boy surprised me later with an upside-down pineapple cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, which is one of my absolute faves!  Ooh-wee, I couldn't believe it!  And can I just tell you guys that, as of today, this bad boy is now history?  Yes, aside from the one slice that I had to make B-Boy eat, I had the entire cheesecake to myself.  Can you say 'gluttony at its finest'?  Can you say 'waistline in peril'?  But it was sooooo worth it!  O.M.G.Y.U.M.!

So, that's a little bit of what's been happening in my part of the woods.  It was a "chopper, chips and cheesecake" type of weekend for me.  And if all goes as planned, this weekend may shape up to be somewhat eventful as well.  But we'll see.  We shall definitely see...

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