Monday, August 19, 2013

My Fab 5: Eyeshadow Brands

I was looking through my stash of eyeshadows and I must say that I'm pretty pleased with what I've amassed so far.  It's not huge, but it's definitely filled with items that I love and enjoy using.  I'm eager to grow the collection, especially with brands I have yet to try.  But in the meantime, I wanted to assess and name my top five eyeshadow brands I'm enamored with thus far.  I based my decisions on not only on consistent quality and performance, but also the beauty and wealth of the colors offered by the brands.  So, without further ado...

Topping my list of faves should be no surprise to anyone even remotely familiar with my blog.  Inglot eyeshadows are, hands down, my most favorite shadows to wear and work with.  Every time I look at my multiple palettes, I smile.  The quality of their shadows is consistent across both finish and color; their mattes are just as buttery smooth as their pearls, which cannot be said about a lot of brands.  And the depth of colors offered is as phenomenal as it is exciting.  Inglot shadows are incredible.

This brand has made many "top" lists and it's easy to see why.  Urban Decay eyeshadows are consistently awesome as far as texture and performance, and their palettes are creative and fun.  Coming in at #2, Urban Decay's shadows have been proven to be über dope.

Rolling in at #3 is Stila.  For me, it's been so far so good; I love the size of the individual shadows, which are larger than most, along with their smooth texture and excellent pigmentation - characteristics that are immediately evident from the very first swatch.  Stila eyeshadows are stellar.

My #4 is the new and improved Wet 'n' Wild.  The eyeshadow singles and palettes from their Color Icon series are easily on par with more high-end/boutique brands.  These shadows are soft to the touch and highly pigmented.  Not only that, they perform well on the eye and their price point can't be beat.  Wet 'n' Wild eyeshadows are workable 'n' wonderful.

And rounding out my top 5 is theBalm.  To say that their shadows are super soft without being dusty is an understatement.  They really are of a beautiful texture and potently pigmented to boot.  The colors in the palettes - specifically in the Shady Lady palettes -  are absolutely gorgeous and have pretty cool names, too.  They're not as prolific as other brands as far as churning out new palettes, but they definitely can hold their own in the quality and beauty category.  theBalm eyeshadows are the bomb!

So, there's my list of fabulous faves!  I'm sure as I purchase more and expand my makeup horizons this list may change.  In fact, I'm quickly becoming a fan of a certain brand that has just wowed me for the second time straight... so a rotation in the fab lineup may be coming sooner than later.  We shall see.

But anywho, do you guys have a list of fab fives?  Are there any eyeshadow brands you're totally lovin' right now or can't wait to try out?  If so, do tell! 

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