Friday, August 9, 2013

Going Hollywood

You know, sometimes you just need a good nip and tuck to make everything look better.  But I'm not talking about plastic surgery.  Rather, I'm referring to some items that help to keep your clothes in place,  your "nips" tucked away and - ultimately - edit the look and fit of an outfit to your utmost benefit.  So, keeping that in mind, I picked up a couple of items from Hollywood Fashion Secrets, namely their ever-popular Hollywood Fashion Tape.

I've used double-sided tape before to help close a gap on an ill-fitting blouse, but the one I used was thick and not very sticky.  Hollywood Fashion Tape is quite the opposite as it is a thin and narrow strip that can be used discreetly to cure a long list of fashion fit errors.

The self-adhesive strips come thirty-six to a box and have easy-to-peel backings that can be accessed from either side.

The tape itself is clear and very tacky, so it would be best to pull away one side of the backing, place the tape in the preferred area of the garment THEN peel off the remaining backing to avoid it sticking helplessly to your fingers... or other places.

I also picked up a sample of their Tag Tamers, which are self-adhesive covers that go over pesky tags found in your collar or other parts of your clothing that may be bothersome or cause discomfort.

For this sampler, there were two sets of two different sizes provided in the box.  I normally don't have a problem with the tags in my clothing, but will definitely try these out and put them to good use.

Along with these items, Hollywood Fashion Secrets offers a slew of additional products that aid in making you look and feel more put together.  From breast lifters to underarm sweat concealers, they've got you covered so, in turn, you won't find yourself UNcovered and exposed.  

Hollywood Fashion Tape can be found at and various drug stores, including CVS and Walgreens, and retails for 8.99.


  1. thanks for this post, very informative. i'll be sure to keep these in mind when i have an outfit blunder lol

  2. Yes, ma'am! Gotta keep the "goodies" in check! ;0)