Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Barbie Loves Frankie

It was a night she would hardly soon forget.  She had counted down the days on her wall calendar with red X's until the date finally arrived.  And now that it's here she could barely contain her excitement.  Ol' Blue Eyes himself had a concert date at the local theater and Barbie, determined to finally see her music idol in person, had a date with destiny.

And so with much fanfare, Frank Sinatra made his way on stage and quickly started serenading the frenzied crowd of teenaged girls with one of his most recent hits.  It was a song that was readily familiar to all the girls as they passionately mouthed along with the crooner, which was a good thing since with all the screaming you could barely make out a lick of the lyrics.

Success looked good on the skinny kid from Hoboken.  Decked out in his signature bow tie...

a houndstooth, single-breasted jacket with pocket square, wool V-neck sweater...

charcoal gray wool pants and wing-tipped Oxfords, Sinatra proved to be quite the Dapper Dan from the top of his head to the soles of his toes.

Then it happened.  About the third or so song in, that's when he noticed a young bobby-soxer swaying back and forth in perfect time with the melody.  When he smiled at her, she returned an even bigger smile back.  And with one swift motion, he stretched out his hand and gently pulled a bewildered Barbie on stage with him.

Well, she could hardly believe her fortune!  Here she was, Barbara Millicent Roberts, standing shoulder to shoulder with her music idol!  What should she do?  Gee willikers, what could she do but act as cool as she possibly could.

With her flipped pageboy held securely in place by a ribbon hairband and simple makeup, she was dressed in her bobby-soxer best, including simple pearl earrings and necklace...

pleated plaid skirt with matching jacket...

rolled down white bobby socks and brand new, scuff-free penny loafers, which she really wanted to jump out of due to the overwhelming excitement she was feeling.  But alas, she didn't want to appear to be a square, so she remained cool.

He continued to sing, looking intently in her eyes without breaking his stare.

And she continued to swoon.

He even offered her the mic so she could join along in part of the song, but being the shy teen she was, Barbie politely declined.

And so there she was, on stage with the one and only Frank Sinatra.  Instantly, she was the envy of every screaming, crying teenage girl that filled the venue that night...

and of every teenage girl that had the misfortune of missing the much anticipated concert and having to make do with reading about it and Barbie's exploits in the newspaper the next day instead.

"Gosh, what a night!" Barbie scrawled in her pink flowered diary. 

And underneath the textbook penmanship of that last entry, she took her ballpoint pen and drew a huge heart, which she then carefully wrote deep inside of it - "Barbie Loves Frankie".

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