Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What A Basket Case

Last week was a tad bit rough for me and I was feeling a little beside myself, so I needed a pick-me-up of some kind.  A quick prescription of retail therapy always works for me (in addition to ice-cream) so I treated myself to a nail lacquer in my favorite color - pink.  Oddly enough, I only have one other pink nail polish so this purchase of Orly's Basket Case was well overdue. 

When I saw Basket Case, I immediately thought of Barbie since it is reminiscent of her signature shade of pink.  It's playful and bright and so suitable for summertime nails.  The polish itself applies pretty well; there was no streaking, no bubbling and I was able to achieve opaque coverage with two layers.  It is has a true gloss, créme finish.

I did end up grabbing another polish as well, but I'll talk about that soon enough in a later post.  Meanwhile, this one in particular gave me a boost in the arm when I applied it to my fingertips and kept me "sane" and from going way "off the rails"... which is quite ironic since the name of this polish implies something to the contrary.

Orly Basket Case is available at Sally's Beauty Supply, Ulta and, and retails for around $8.

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