Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lovely Lilac Lips

Lilac lips.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  To me, it sounds soft, summery and ultra-feminine.  Far from a pasty pastel, I found a ravishingly robust version of the color that just begs to be adorned at every opportune chance.  It's another beauty from Revlon simply named Lilac.

Lilac is a slightly smoky, pale violet with a modest kiss of pink.  It is from Revlon's Colorburst line of lipsticks and it completely delivers on everything the line claims: it's moisturizing and fully endowed with bold, long-lasting color.  It has a pearl finish.

Smooth in texture, soft on the lips and potently pigmented, Lilac glides on and stays on my lips for hours with small evidence of fading only after eating.  It is truly a wonderful shade to work with and even more satisfying to wear as it coolly complements many different skin tones without much manipulation. 

So there you have it - a lovely lilac for the lips.  So gorg.  So pretty.  And totally fabu!

Revlon Colorburst Lilac is available at a variety of drugstores as well as Target and Ulta, and retails for $8.

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Moveable Feast

Terrible.  Unruly.  Downright disrespectful.  This is how I would describe my eating habits this past weekend.  I mean, I was out of control, y'all.  Birthday Boy came to visit again and we took full advantage of the nice weather to do a little bit of catching up over a variety of tasty victuals and decadent confections.  Ahh, it was a glorious onslaught of ravenous indulgence!  I hadn't eaten like that in quite a while.

To start the weekend off, we went to one of my favorite restaurants - The Cheesecake Factory.  Now, I usually order the dish above, which is a Spicy Ahi Tempura Roll (YUM!), but Birthday Boy insisted that I try something different.  Meanwhile, he had never tried it so he ordered it for himself and then continued in taking the reins and ordered my dish.

My meal ended up being Steak Diane, which is a luscious serving of Angus steak medallions covered with black peppercorns, grilled onions and a mushroom wine sauce.  I almost didn't take a picture of it in time enough to include the whipped mashed potatoes that accompanied it as I was immediately on attack mode as soon as I laid eyes on it.  Needless to say, it was delicious!

The next day, perhaps inspired by his meal the night before, we went to a sushi spot downtown.  We shared between us the two dishes we ordered.  I cannot remember the names or type of sushi shown above, but it included a variety of eel, chicken and a California Roll with a healthy helping of Masago, or tiny fish roe.

I decided to order some type of roll with crab in it and topped with Masago (top row), and their version of a Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll (bottom row).  We both enjoyed the dishes and thought they were pretty good.

Later that night, we picked up a carrot cake that was so moist and so good that it would make you wanna holler and slap yo' mama!  (Not that I advocate violence against your parents or anything, but you get my drift.)  It was that good.

Oh!  And we had sausage pizza with mushrooms.  Oh!  And I can't forget the ice-cream and Oreos... and the Raisinets and Sweedish Fish (both candies).  And I gotta include the pancakes, sausage and large glasses of O.J. for breakfast!  And how could I possibly leave out the hunk of pineapple upside-down cheesecake with two huge squirts of whipped cream I demolished from The Cheesecake Factory?  Oh, the unmitigated gluttony!

And now that my partner in crime has returned home, it's just me alone who has to deal with remaining evidence of our obnoxious weekend behavior as there's still a full box of pizza and one-half of carrot cake left to be devoured.  While I admit it's a daunting task for a damsel such as myself to undertake... I think I'll be able to find it within myself to rise to the occasion and finish whatever leftovers are awaiting me in the fridge.  But please believe me when I tell you: this weekend's feasting was totally out of control, y'all.  Totally.

Friday, July 26, 2013

DDF Amplifying Elixir

Okay, I think I'm going to have to slow down on trying out new skin care products.  If curiosity truly killed the cat and a cat has nine lives then I must be on my eighth because this particular item just about did my skin in.  I got a maxi sample of DDF's Amplifying Elixir and was anxious (and curious) enough to try it, but quickly learned that this is not suitable for my skin at all.

Amplifying Elixir is a facial skin treatment that works in conjunction with your other skin care products to help boost hydration and improve their effectiveness.  In addition to strengthening the skin's moisture barrier, this botanically infused serum also boasts anti-aging properties.

The serum is clear, very thin (translation: runny) and has no discernible smell.  It spreads easily across the skin and is not sticky or tacky at all. 

So, two nights ago, I applied some of the Elixir to my face then followed with just a dab of my moisturizer (I didn't want to overdo it).  My face looked and felt good.  OK, good deal.  I brushed my teeth and went to bed.  But when I woke up... OH. EM. GEE.  The whole area underneath my eyes was puffed up and swollen, and I had little bumps sprouting out all over my forehead and cheeks!  I was a monster!!  Seriously, how can I properly convey this to y'all so y'all can understand the horror?  Lemme see... Have you guys ever heard of the movie Raging Bull with Robert DeNiro?  Google the poster.  That's EXACTLY what I looked like - no exaggerating.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  OH, THE HORROR!  And two days later?  The severity of my allergic reaction has subsided a smidgen; my eyes have gone down (thank you, Jesus!), but I still have the rash on my cheeks and forehead.  Thank God for bangs (or fringe for you chickadees residing across the pond).

Needless to say that after this experience I'm not exactly enthused to try anything else from them.  Now I know that DDF is well known for its skin care products and I'm not saying that they're a "bad" brand or anything like that.  I'm just saying that their one product, the Amplifying Elixir, is clearly not for me and I simply can't afford to gamble with the skin on my face and try another.

Has anyone else tried their products, especially this Elixir, and found success?  Anyone?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Buzz On Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is a personal care line that was inspired by the creator's love for the insect and borne out of his steadfast belief that natural is better.  Found in just about every store and dedicated store aisle that caters to the organic/natural set, the product line includes everything from body washes to toothpaste.  After falling in love with their Beeswax Lip Balm, I decided to dig deeper into the line and purchase a hand grooming kit filled with full-sized versions of some of their staples.  And I think I may be falling in love with these items as well.

First up is their Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme, which is an emollient moisturizer that incorporates the nourishing benefits of Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E with natural beeswax, which helps to seal in the moisture.  It has a sweet, nutty smell that lingers awhile after applying it to the hands.  I found the scent to be pleasant and not overwhelming, but those that are sensitive to such things may want to take note and do a sniff test before buying.

The off-white mixture is stiff and solid in the glass jar, however, melts with ease once in contact with the warmth of your skin.  My hands did feel incredibly hydrated after using and I did not have any adverse reaction to the product, so this was a win for me.

Next up is Burt's Bees' Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and can you say "DELICIOUS"?  I mean, I know this is strictly to soften dry cuticles and not for consumption, but it smells like a slice of lemon meringue pie.  YUM! 

Presented in a small tin, this nail balm also contains Sweet Almond Oil as well as cocoa butter and beeswax to create a 100% natural product that is 100% effective in nourishing your parched fingertips.  I absolutely adore this stuff. 

In addition to the balm and the cream, they included an emery board and cuticle stick to round out the manicure set.

Then there's the "odd man out".  With all the hand and nail aids, I was surprised they included a lip balm, but glad for it because of my fondness for the one I already own.

While my original smells like peppermint, this Replenishing Lip Balm has the faint, sweet smell of pomegranate oil, which it's infused with.  I greatly appreciate BB's lip balms because the beeswax they contain help to fill in lines and/or crevices on your lips, which lends itself to a smoother, better looking application of lipstick - especially the drier ones.  So, with that being said, I already know that this balm is going to serve me well.

And there you have it - the much deserved buzz on Burt's Bees.  With a vast line of all natural products that are readily available in many different outlets and at a pretty decent price point, I think I can officially say that Burt's Bees is the bee's knees! (sorry)

Burt's Bees products can be found at various drug stores, including Target, and retail separately as follows:  Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme, $9; Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, $6; Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, $3.30.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tag, You're It! The Liebster Award

I would like to thank the ever-so-sweet Rachel for tagging me for The Liebster Award, which is a blog tag that "pays it forward" by helping you get to know bloggers you may already be familiar with while exposing you to those you may not.  Rachel is a beauty blogger from "across the pond" so please be sure to check her out at:  

Thanks again, Rachel!

The rules are pretty simple:
  • Once tagged, answer the 11 questions posed by the one who tagged you
  • Then, in return, pass the award along to blogs with less than 200 followers by informing them of their nomination and tagging them to answer your set of 11 questions  
So, here we go!

Rachel's Questions For Me:

1.    What’s your favourite season of the year? (Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn (Fall) and why?
My favorite season is spring because the weather is perfect on most days - not too hot and not too cold.

2.    Do you have a favourite Beauty/Hair product?
My favorite hair product would be my HAI ceramic flat iron.  I love it because it imparts a lot of shine and gets my hair completely straight without a lot of hassle.

3.    What’s the one item of clothing you wear all the time and love?
Well, the one TYPE of clothing that I wear most times is denim.  From denim jeans to denim jackets, I love it.  Versatile and comfy.

4.    What’s your favourite colour?
PINK!  Lol. Yes, I'm a girly-girl.  That's my favorite color.

5.    What’s your favourite book?
Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison was a high school reading assignment and I ended up reading the entire book ahead of schedule.  I couldn't put it down.  The way Toni Morrison writes is masterful and this story is unlike anything I've ever read.  She truly had me at "hello".

6.    Why did you start blogging?
Actually, a girlfriend of mine pushed me to start blogging.  I really had no interest before, but she pushed me to start one after she created hers so that we could blog together.  I started out talking about my everyday life and my feelings on certain subjects, but now I've blossomed into other topics like beauty and fashion.

7.    What have you learned while blogging?
I learned that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.  Yes, there are a lot of bloggers bloggin' out there, but stay true to your own voice because even though hundreds may be talking about the same thing, it's YOU that makes your blog unique.

8.    What’s the funniest memory you have?
Funniest memory?  Ooh, that's hard.  I have way too many, but I will tell you that I used to have a best friend that would literally have me in tears because he could make anything seem funny without being mean about it.  He was hilarious and I always had the best time with him.

9.    What’s one product/piece of clothing you will never use again?
You know, I'm really trying to get away from flat, rubber flip-flops.  They're really not good for your feet because of the lack of padding, especially under your heels.  So, I'm becoming more diligent about buying sandals with the proper soles and padding, and doing away with the cheap flip-flops for summer.

10.  What’s your favourite place in the world?
My favorite place so far (geographically) is Los Angeles, California.  Sun, beach, good weather... there's so much to do and see there.  My favorite place to be in the world as far as life is concerned?  In my bedroom, stretched out over my pillow-top bed with a bowl of ice-cream on my lap and a good action movie.  To me, there's nothing better.

And now my nominees!  I tag the following:
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(life blogger)
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And here are my Questions:

1. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

2. If you were stranded on an island and had to choose between a TV or radio for entertainment, what would you choose and why?

3. What was your favorite toy growing up?

4. Heels or flats?

5. What actor would you pick to play you in a movie and what would the movie be titled?

6. What do you love most about blogging?

7. What makeup item (if any) can you simply NOT do without?

8. Favorite makeup brand?

9. Would you ever do a reality TV show and, if so, which one would you go on?

10. Mac or PC?

11. Sum yourself up in one word.

Thanks so much to everyone who takes the time out to read my blog and finds some type of interest in what I have to say.  It really means a lot to me.  I would also like to thank my nominees in advance for accepting the tag for this award and I look forward to reading your responses!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Purple Reign

Seems like I've been yapping a lot about the color purple as of recent, so I figured it only fitting that I end the week with one more offering in the shade.  And it happens to be a classic.  It's a lovely lacquer from OPI called You Ottaware Purple.

You Ottaware Purple is a pearly grape color that I believe is from one of their previous nail polish collections, which may explain why it was on a deeply discounted sale when I bought it.  I like polishes, but I'm not a nail polish fiend so I don't really stay abreast of such things; I just buy what I like when I see it.  And so when I saw it with an orange sale sticker plastered on its side, I grabbed it.

I didn't have any problems with streaking or bubbling, but I did have to apply a total of FOUR COATS to get full opaque coverage.  I was a little surprised that I needed so many because it looks so pigmented in the bottle and even on the brush.  Nevertheless, the color is a lovely one and lasted a decent amount of time on my busy hands.

So, if you happen to catch this one while out somewhere, you may want to check it out.  Otherwise, I'm sure you'll be able to find a comparable color in their most recent collection(s) or perhaps in their permanent lineup of polishes. 

OPI can be found at numerous drug stores including and Ulta, and retails for $9.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Twinkle, Twinkle, Periwinkle

I bet you don't have this shade in your stash.  It's not a common color to find outside a box of Crayola crayons, but leave it up to Inglot to make it available for all who crave diversity in their makeup wardrobe.  And you already know that I am the diversity craving type, so naturally I had to grab a pan of Inglot's eyeshadow in 429.

#429 is an awesome periwinkle blue, which I would describe as a baby blue with the slightest touch of lavender/purple.  It is SO pretty, SO pigmented and SO buttery soft to the touch!  But did you really expect me to say anything to the contrary concerning an Inglot eye product?  This baby falls right in line with all of their other shadows I've raved about and it has a gorgeous pearl finish.

Opaque coverage and long wearing, Inglot 429 is a stellar performing eyeshadow.  When applied, it can appear somewhat as a straight, icy blue shade, but it's SO not that.  However, I suspect that with the right base more of its lavender tones would be emphasized.  Either way, it's a highly distinctive color that's very easy to fall in love with.  Ab fab, I tell ya!  Ab fab!

Inglot 429 is available at Inglot boutiques, online and at select Macy's, and retails for $6.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Dramatic lip lovers, rejoice, for I have a deliciously dark offering to share with you that just may have you chomping at the bit!  A daring choice for summer for the more conservative... but we're not all the conservative type, are we?  So without further ado, let me bend your ear with a little ramble about Va Va Violet from Revlon.

Va Va Violet is a deep eggplant shade from Revlon's Super Lustrous line of lipsticks.  It is robust with color, has a creamy texture and feels moisturizing on the lips.  There's no discernible taste or smell to speak of and it has a Creme finish, which in Revlon-speak translates to a solid color with no sparkle, frost, etc.

When applied, there's a noticeable sheen that's imparted and ample coverage is easily achieved with minimum effort.  And for those that find the shade too striking, please remember that you can use it as a stain instead of a full-on lipstick.  A few simple dabs on the lips or on the finger to the lips will give your pout just a hint of color so there's no need to feel intimidated by such a shade at all.

Needless to say, I have no problem singing the praises of this beautiful lippie.  So excuse me while I chirp a few resounding "ooh-la-las" for Revlon's Va Va Violet.  It's just a wonderful shade I can't keep quiet about.

Revlon Va Va Violet can be found at Target, Ulta and various drugstores, and retails for $8.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer - Breezy Bronzes

'Tis the season for the color bronze to take center stage.  This mixture of gold and brown on the skin, whether gained via artificial means like a bronzer or directly (and safely) via the sun, helps promote an image of health and vitality.  Besides that, it can up the sexy for just about all who partake in wearing it.  So with that being said, it would only be right that we take a look at some of the options offered in this summer synonymous hue.

First up is an eyeshadow from MAC appropriately named Bronze.  It is a permanent fixture in their lineup of shadows, is well regarded by many for its beauty and texture and is, therefore, considered to be one of their classics. 

Bronze is highly pigmented and performs like a dream; it's soft and easy to work with.  A swipe of this with a little bit of liner is all you would need to bring a bit of summer sass to your eyes.  And a smoky eye?  Fuggitaboutit!  This frosty babe will more than deliver on that, and how!

What about a nice bronze eyeliner perhaps to line and bring some light to the inner rim of your eyes?  Wet 'n' Wild has a nice one from their Color Icon collection called Bronzed.

Bronzed is an alluring golden-bronze that deposits a depth of color with very little effort.  It is a smooth eyeliner pencil that boasts a wonderful texture that does not pull nor drag against the eye.  And at just about one-dollar each, you're getting more than your share of bang for the buck.

Another cosmetic staple from MAC's lineup is "O" lipstick.  This coppery, red-bronze with gold pearl is ab fab and absolutely one of my faves to wear no matter what season.

"O" is deeply pigmented, feels moisturizing on lips and carries the signature vanilla scent assigned to all of MAC's lipsticks.  The gold pearl may have it looking a little orangey in the pic, but believe me - it's definitely more of a red.  And it is one of my must-haves that I simply must have (and get) a backup for.

This bronzer I threw in for good measure because it's easily accessible and easily holds its own in the bronzing department.  It comes in three shades and this one happens to be the lightest one.  It's Vegas Strip/Light Bronzer by Physicians Formula.

Vegas Strip/Light Bronzer is a combination of highlighting strips that run from a pale gold to a mid-toned golden bronze.  This drugstore find is soft and finely milled, and leaves a nice kiss of light to anywhere it's applied.

L'Oreal's tag line is "Because you're worth it!" and I can honestly say that the phrase definitely applies when it comes to this particular item.  It is worth checking out and ultimately purchasing based on the color alone, but it also performs well, too!  I am referring to their 24HR Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe.

Bronzed Taupe is exactly that.  This frosty, powder-cream hybrid (which applies like a cream, but performs like a dry shadow) feels soft to the touch and yields a boat load of color with just one swipe.  On my eyes with a primer underneath, it lasted all day and did not crease at all. 

And for the nails, I have a rich, coppery bronze option that you may want to consider.  This lacquer is from OPI and it's called Romeo and Joliet.

Romeo and Joliet is a streak-free, bubble-free beauty that is laced with gold pearl.  Using my usual two-layer application of polish, I was able to achieve full-on opacity with no problem.  It has a nice texture and lasted a good while on my busy hands, which I find to be a definite plus!

So are you ready to be a beautifully bronzed bombshell this season?  From eyes to lips to even the fingertips, your options for indulging in the sexy shade run the full gamut.  The cosmetic Bronze Age has arrived and is officially here for only another month or so.  Therefore, it's time for you to heed the call, take the plunge (if you haven't already) and dive right in!