Monday, May 27, 2013

Pond's Rejuveness

Hey, guys!  I went into Walmart yesterday and saw this in the sample aisle: Pond's Rejuveness.  Has anyone heard of it or tried it yet?  I ran out of my beloved Ole Truth Creme and have just been too lazy to order more as of yet.  Too lazy to go online, click a couple of keys and order it?  Yes, I've been a lazy lima bean.  The only reason I even trudged into Walmart is because my pup needed food.  So, this skincare sample caught my fancy.

Pond's Rejuveness is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream that contains collagen (good for maintaining skin's elasticity) and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (good for improving skin's appearance by removing dead skin cells and depositing moisture).  It's also supposed to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (i.e., it won't clog pores).  So it sounds like it might be pretty good.

BUT it also contains mineral oil, a detail I didn't uncover until I got home and actually read the ingredients, and that has me concerned.  Mineral oil, if you are not aware, is an offshoot of petroleum that a lot of companies use as a cheaper alternative to other moisturizing agents.  Some have a sensitivity to mineral oil while others have no issues with it at all.  I don't use a lot of moisturizers or lotions on my face anyway, so I don't know what category I fall into.  However, I DO have sensitive skin so I will have to mindful of any adverse reactions when using this cream.

The cream is of a medium consistency - not heavy and thick, but not runny and thin, either.  It also has a light, almost baby powder smell that fades soon after application.  I normally do NOT like the smell of baby powder (except when it's on a baby), but for some reason I am not offended by the fragrance.  It's the mineral oil that has me spooked.

Pond's is known for its face products so I don't feel too defeated with this purchase.  I'll use it until I re-up on my Ole.  Besides, it was a sampler that cost only, what - $1.95?  Yeah, so if it works out that my face doesn't take well to it then I'll just use it as hand cream.  You all know how I love to repurpose products.

I'll keep ya posted on this one.

Pond's Rejuveness can be found at various drugstores, Target and Walmart.  Price varies depending on size (sample or full-size) and location.

**Update 6/19 - I've been using the cream for a few weeks straight now and while I have seen some benefits such as my skin looking bright and feeling soft, I do believe I am experiencing some sort of reaction to the cream as well.  I have NOT broken out in a rash of fine bumps nor bulbous pimples, BUT I have had a couple (literally two or three) of small, random bumps appear on my cheek and forehead.  I believe this adverse reaction may be from the mineral oil in the cream.

So all in all, I think that it would be a good cream for those who do NOT have a known aversion or sensitivity to the ingredients, mineral oil or otherwise, so please read before buying.

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