Friday, December 7, 2012

The Whole Truth And Nothing But...

The weather is changing, guys and girls.  And with this seasonal weather change, my skin is doing its seasonal, weather induced rebellion.  I have normal skin overall, but tend to get dry patches on my face when the temperature drops, specifically around my temples, over my eyebrows and around my nose.  I don't like to use lotions or creams on my face because they're usually too heavy or too oily and cause my sensitive skin to breakout.  So when I got a sample of Ole Henriksen's Truth Creme with an online order, I really didn't have much hopes of it being any different, but figured I had nothing to lose since it was a freebie.  Well, after seeing and feeling a difference in my skin and not experiencing ANY rashes or breakouts, I wanted more than a sample size.  I also became curious about some of his other products.  So I bought Ole Henriksen's The Whole Truth skincare kit.

Ole (pronounced "ooh-lah") Henriksen's skincare line focuses in on treating the face and body while helping to achieve overall health and wellness.  The Whole Truth kit contains a trio of products that work together to help ensure optimal hydration while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits to help produce a smoother, healthier complexion.  In addition, it carries a lovely, light citrus smell.  Girls, remember Strawberry Shortcake's friend Orange Blossom?  Well, it's reminiscent of her scent - soft and delicate.  But I don't find it to be overly feminine, so both men and women could comfortably benefit from this line.  Love!

First product is the Truth Serum Collagen Booster, which is supposed to brighten and firm the skin via its recipe of green tea, rose hips and a vitamin C complex.  The kit provides a smaller version (0.5fl oz) of the Booster.  (Full sizes: 1.0 and 1.7fl oz.)

This will be my first time using this.  The serum is clear and very light, not particularly thick.  I don't have a lot of issues with sagging or wrinkles (YET!), but it will be interesting to see how my skin reacts to it.

Next up is the Total Truth Eye Cream, which contains Omega 3 extracts, Micro Algae and Tri-Peptide 5 to help strengthen, nourish and firm the under eye area. 

I have to be honest: I never really was gung-ho about using eye creams.  I have a few samples of other creams and even a full vial of an expensive one, but don't use any of them regularly.  But I am intrigued by this one; it has a stiffer, thicker consistency than most and when applied, my eye area definitely felt hydrated, but not at all greasy.  I did experience some burning and eye redness after application, but that's strictly a result of user error.  For me, anything near my tear ducts is automatic trouble and I know better than to apply products there, but did it anyhow absentmindedly.  Despite the temporary discomfort, my eye area felt soft and supple so this may be great for using under concealer since it's not oily and absorbs into the skin.  The full sized version is 0.5 oz.  The kit's version is 0.1 oz.

And now the product that sparked the purchase of the kit in the first place, Truth Creme Advanced Hydration, which is a multi-level, anti-aging moisturizer that is supposed to hydrate as well as brighten and give your skin a radiant glow.  A claim that I can soundly co-sign.  I absolutely love this stuff.

Truth Creme is extremely lightweight and after application, instead of sitting on top of the skin like a lot of other moisturizers do, it absorbs into the skin.  You instantly see a glow to your complexion, but no heavy shine.  You know how with some lotions/moisturizers your skin may flake or look dry later on in the day even though you know you used a sufficient amount of product?  It's happened to me: I've put on a cream or lotion on a dry spot only to have it reappear and flake later on.  Well, once I applied Truth Creme, it sank into my skin and kept my dry patches at bay for the whole day.  And besides the pleasant fragrance, THIS is what sold me on the product.  My face wasn't oily looking nor was it spotted with dry patches.  After so many failures, I just couldn't believe I found a moisturizing cream was light enough to keep me from breaking out, but saturated enough to erase my dryness.  And you only need a slight amount.  I was sold and continue to be delighted with this product.  The full sized version is 1.7fl oz and is $45.  The Whole Truth's version is 1.0fl oz and the entire kit retails for $45 at Sephora.  Not bad.

If you have already found your HG (holy grail) moisturizer, whether it's olive oil, cocoa butter or a certain lotion, then that's fantastic.  It feels good when you find something that really works for you and benefits your skin.  But if you've been having trouble finding that perfect one, this may be a good option.  Sephora carries the entire Ole Henriksen line and offers samples of most of what they sell, so before committing to a purchase, why not get a free sample and review it for yourself?  If you find that Truth Creme is a little too light for you, they do have a Super Creme, which is a tad richer, you may want to check out.  There are so many wonderful brands/options out there and if the weather is playing havoc with your skin like it has mine, it's prime time to find something that'll work for you.

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