Monday, February 18, 2013

The Most Perfect Shade of Turquoise

You know how you may buy something because it looks nice or pretty, but you don't fully realize the total awesomeness of that item until you've actually used it or worn it?  Such is the case for me and Inglot's gel liner in #87.  I remember thinking when I bought it, "Ok, this is cool."  But when I finally opened it and swatched it for this post, my reaction immediately upgraded to, "WOW, this is amazing!"

Inglot 87 is just one of many colorful offerings from the Polish brand's line of matte gel eyeliners.  It comes sealed in a small plastic jar to help preserve the product and maintain its moisture.

And after pulling back the seal, I was truly taken aback.  It is the most perfect shade of turquoise, if there could ever be such a thing.  It's a lush aqua that begs to be admired in person for trying to capture the entire scope of its beauty via film is a somewhat arduous task.

The gel eyeliner itself is creamy and soft - so much so that my brush "sank" into the product and was amply coated after one stroke.

The eyeliner applies as smoothly as paint; it is not stiff or sticky and the matte color glides across the skin with virtually no effort, giving full-on opaque coverage with just one stroke.

I simply had no idea I would feel this way about Inglot 87 when I first saw it.  Yes, I could see its color through the plastic jar, but I surely did not experience nor appreciate it fully until I laid eyes on it.  And not only is it an exemplary shade of turquoise, but it has an awesomely velvety formula to boot.  So if you're on the hunt for some exceptional gel eyeliners, I definitely think Inglot has a line worth checking out.

Inglot 87 can be found at Inglot's boutiques, their website and select Macy's, and retails for $12.

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