Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Fair Lady

A friend of mine posted an interesting comment on her social website page that garnered a lot of support.  She had expressed her disgust after overhearing the lewd, cuss-laden banter of two girls while riding a city bus.  She recounted how the girls were loudly describing their latest sexual encounters and how offended she was to hear them casually throw around f-bombs and other profanities with no regard for who was within earshot.  My friend stated how this, however, was no isolated event as she has witnessed a lot of grown women acting no better and sadly concluded that this was why so many men have no respect for women because so many women have no respect for themselves.  There was a resounding consensus as a litany of comments from numerous readers piled up below her post; a visual co-sign, each with its own testimony and observation.   I find it funny that my friend made this particular post because I have been thinking the very same thing.  And, needless to say, I totally agree with her assessment.

It's all over television, all over the Internet on YouTube and other websites: females, young and old, ruthlessly fighting each other over nonsense; women cursing each other out and threatening each other; chicks bragging about sexual conquests unabashedly; broads proudly posting half-naked to fully nude pics of themselves online.  It's literally everywhere.  You've got shows like Bad Girls Club and sites like WorldStarHipHop that feed the current outbreak of beast-like behavior amongst females by glorifying the violence and rewarding the crassness with instant fame (read: notoriety), even if it is just for 15 minutes.  And it's super duper cool nowadays for girls to take pictures flaunting a "devil-may-care" attitude by pursing their lips like a duck and "flipping the bird" to the world in their profile pictures -  social sites like Facebook and Twitter are littered with them.  What in the world is going on?!

What happened to girls being "sugar and spice and everything nice"?  I mean, I have no problems with being a tomboy (I used to be one!) and perhaps being a little rough around the edges, but we're talking about straight up, hardcore, man-like posturing.  Why the need to "bring the brawn" like a dude?  What are they trying to prove?  Why are females nowadays so incredibly aggressive?  And I seriously don't consider myself a prude, but the language I hear spilling out of the mouths of a lot females, especially the young ones, is atrocious!  Lewd and lascivious, their unbridled tongues could easily make the most uncouth of men blush... and often do!

Such a blatant disregard for any type of decorum just leaves me to believe that although there are many women in the world, there are not a whole lot of LADIES.  When you think of a lady you think of a female that exudes class, not crass, is graceful and is the definition of true beauty inside and out.  There's a softness to her.   A lady has an understated, but palpable sexiness to her that is more potent than ten naked women.  She is universally flattering... an asset... a complement... a true feather in any real man's cap.  A lady used to be commonplace, but just like so many treasures, she's become an endangered species.

Sad to say, but I feel that women (as a whole) have lost their refinement.  And with so many bereft of any semblance of class spoon feeding the younger ones that are totally void of refinement, it's no wonder why so many girls are hardened and wild acting.  And they're getting younger!  I saw on TV the other day a young girl around ten years old tell her mother to "shut up" and then call her the B-word.  Her mother responded my wagging a benign finger in her face and offering an empty threat, but you could tell she was beyond embarrassed.  Where in the world did the little girl get that from?

I had to change the channel.

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