Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LORAC's Hot Flash

Bronzer should not be relegated to solely summertime use.  The right shade can really bring life to the face and give a sexy glow.  My girlfriend uses bronzer all year round and I do, too.  I have both highlighting bronzers as well as darker "contouring" bronzers that I rely on to up the amp on my looks.  And with regard to the former, I have found an über flattering offering from LORAC called Hot Flash.

Hot Flash is actually a duo that consists of a silky, cotton candy pink blush on one side and a soft, copper bronze(r) on the other - two complementary shades that can either be worn alone or paired together to create a healthy, sun-kissed flush.

The palm-sized black compact comes with a mirror and a generous heft of more than 10g of product.

It also comes with a small brush, which is conveniently located underneath the panel of product.

Hot Flash is a soft, finely milled beauty that effortlessly yields color with hardly a dab.  Neither the bronzer nor the blush are sparkly or have a lot of obnoxious shimmer; their finish is more of a soft pearl, I would say.  And neither is heavy (read: opaque), but light enough to convincingly recreate the natural results one might encounter from spending a day at the beach.

On my skin tone, this lovely duo reads just right.  However, for those that consider Hot Flash to be too dark, there is a lighter peach/bronze combo called Hot & Spicy that may be better suited for you.  Either which way, if you are looking for a great bronzing product that gives you two bangs for your one buck, I definitely think LORAC's bronzing duos are worth checking out.

LORAC's Hot Flash can be found at Sephora and, and retails for $30.

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