Monday, February 11, 2013

Barbie: Calvin Klein

Now this Barbie is a doll after my own heart.  I absolutely love denim.  Sassoon, Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordache were all the rage in the 80s, but the 90s arguably belonged to Calvin.  Calvin Klein, that is.  The jeans, the underwear, the perfume/cologne, the commercials.  I remember how excited I was back in the day when I found a pair of classic Calvin Klein jeans from an upscale consignment shop in Philly.  "Who in the world would give these away?" I thought as traipsed home with my prize.  I was a very happy camper.  And the fit?  Oh, they fit me like a glove... they seemed to have been made just for me.  They were a little long in the leg, but embraced my young hips with love and celebrated every curve...  Ahh, such fond memories.  Dormant memories of yesteryear that are easily accessed via my Calvin Klein Barbie.   

I missed her first outing when she came on the scene as a Bloomingdale's exclusive in 1996, but was able to snatch her up on eBay some years ago.  The box has a few blemishes, but Barbie herself is perfect and untouched. 

As you can see, Barbie as well as her Calvin Klein accoutrements remain safely tethered to the card inside the box.

She comes with a black, nylon windbreaker...

...and a nylon, drawstring backpack - complete with the CK logo blazed on the side.

Her black CK logo hat is a cotton twill and she's also sporting a gray midriff sweater, both of which are cute, but it's her denim digs that steal the show.  The attention to detail... wow.  Her jean jacket has real snaps that actually fasten and pockets that actually open.  And just look at the stitching.

Her denim skirt is no less impressive in that it boasts actual side as well as back pockets AND the traditional signature CK leather patch on the back of the waistline.  Oh! And did you happen to see the Calvin Klein underwear peeking out the top of the skirt.  Yeah, that's real, too.

Now it looks like Barbie chose to go with a neutral eye, preferring to skip the colorful shadow for the simple look of black eyeliner on the top lid, and kept her lips decidedly simple with a flesh toned nude... (C'mon, guys... you know we just had to talk about her makeup!  LOL)

As of today, I have no idea where my beloved Calvin Klein jeans are.  The frosted bottle of CK One perfume I hoarded for years?  That's been gone.  Never had the signature underwear.  But what I do have is my Calvin Klein Barbie - a small piece of fashion pop culture from an era gone by.

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