Friday, January 4, 2013

The Brown Bomber - 112R

I got excited along with everyone else when I first caught wind that Urban Decay would be releasing a new Naked palette.  I have their first one, which I love, skipped the second and was eager to see what the third had to offer.  And when the third installment of the Naked eyeshadow series was finally revealed, an all matte, six pan palette of neutrals called Naked Basics, I was instantly reminded of an Inglot eyeshadow that I own... a sort of mini version of Basics, if you will.  It's Inglot 112R.

Inglot 112R is from their range of Rainbow shadows where three shades of the same color are put into one eyeshadow pan, thus allowing the option of either using the shades individually or together to create a unique color.  112R consists of three matte shades of a cool-toned brown.

The darkest shade on the right is a chocolate brown.

The middle shade is more of a cool, mid-toned cement brown.

The lightest shade on the left is a dark tan.

Inglot is known for the exceptional quality of its shadows and 112R is no exception.  This matte shadow is soft to the touch and chock-full of pigment. 

As much as I love color, it seems like I always get sucked in by browns.  I was thinking about getting Inglot's 107R, which is a warmer version of 112R, but I suspect it'll look a lot like the matte side of my Wet n' Wild Vanity palette.  I really don't need anymore brown eyeshadows; with this, my WnW palette and my two quads from Maybelline, I think I have the browns covered.  So, 112R will probably be my last for now which is more than cool with me.  I just love the fact that you basically have an entire neutral palette packed into the size of a shadow.  I mean, how convenient is that?

Inglot 112R can be found at their boutiques and online stores, and retails for $8.

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