Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year, A New Me!

Okay, I've finally done it.  I've had enough of the long hair thing and decided I needed a change.  A huge one.  That's right, I chopped it!  I traded in my locks for a short 'do.  Done.  No turning back.  Finito!

I told the stylist, Vanessa, that I wanted a short cut that was somewhat tapered on the sides, longer in the crown and front, and full of layers.

Keeping with my instructions, she gave me long bangs in the front and little tendrils on the side that come down around my ear.  Love!

She also put a black rinse in my hair to give it shine and complete the transformation.

So this is the new me!   I think the haircut is super cute and Vanessa did an awesome job!  What do you think?  Do you like it?  You think it fits me?  You do?  Well, guess what?


Meet my "stylist" -  Vanessa by Fifth Avenue, a wig I bought on a whim while at a beauty supply store a while ago.  (Sorry, guys!  I just had to do it...  LOL.) 

It is a synthetic wig that has tracks, a lace cap in the crown and straps on the side.  (I almost called them chin straps!  LOL) 

The top of the wig has a natural part with a faux, plastic scalp.  Clearly, I am not a wig guru; I do not know all the ins and outs of rocking a wig.  This is my very first one and I just bought it because I liked the style.  And to be different.

Side view
Opposite side view
I really like Vanessa.  My only thing is that in the back there seems to be a hump I can't quite get rid of.  It's as if the wig is sitting high on my head.  I guess I would need to bobby pin it down, but I'm not sure that would help.  She may be too big for my head.  Not sure.  Oh, well... it was only twenty something bucks.

I totally get why women love to wear wigs and weaves; along with obviously looking different, it makes you feel different as well.  I think Vanessa's short bob makes me look older and, therefore, I feel older and a little more serious.  Not exactly what I was going for when I bought it, but I can appreciate the change and still have fun with it.  I have yet to wear it outside... I dunno.  OK, I was chicken.  What if someone snatches it off my head, bobby pins and all?  And that hump in the back... Gotta get that straight before I go anywhere.  I'm still trying to get used to the idea of wearing a wig, period. 

One thing I can say about wearing wigs: they really do keep your head warm!  I mean, I felt the difference immediately when I took the wig off.  It was like a plume of heat escaped from the top of my head when I de-wigged.  So if all else fails, I could def wear it this winter as a hat.  But I am enjoying the metamorphosis Vanessa elicits, which has me looking forward to my next wig purchase.  Hmm... A blonde one, perhaps?


  1. LOL! You're nuts, you know that?!?! You really had me going!!! I just so happen to come across this post after I logged in and it IMMEDIATELY caught my attention...for obvious reasons. Between the chin straps and you thinking someone would snatch it off.... HYSTERICAL!!!