Friday, December 21, 2012

Lush and Deceit

Does anybody remember these?  Has anyone ever tried these before?  These are two Prime Color Creme Shadows from Kevyn Aucoin.  Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus used to carry them, but have since discontinued them.  However, I believe you can still find them online at and on Amazon.  I just happened to stumble upon these after digging through my makeup drawer and kinda wanted to chit-chat about them a little.

I don't have a whole lot of products from the famed makeup artist; I have a Kevyn Aucoin makeup palette (which I did a mini-review on here) and two of the cream shadows, Lush and Deceit.  I thought it interesting that the shadows came in a twist-up pen that, when wound, pushes the product through small holes at the tip. 

Lush is a frosty, dark, forest green color.  It gives off a nice opaque coverage and is smooth to apply.  The formula is supposed to be creaseless, a claim that I cannot confirm when wearing it alone.  However, I have used it once as a base with a primer underneath and had no issues.

Deceit is a beautiful, frosty rose color and it swatched just as smoothly and was just as opaque as Lush. 

When using cream shadows, I am very careful to use a good eye primer underneath because I have oily lids.  When swatching these, I noticed that they did dry down a little, but not fully to a powder (it still had some slip to it) so I would be wary of wearing these creams on their own.  But they are very pretty and Lush worked well as a base, so no qualms there for me.  I haven't used Deceit yet, but don't anticipate any problems while using it as a base, either.

Well, thanks for indulging me for a few...  I was just curious to see whether anyone else had ever bought and/or used these because I really haven't heard much about them, past or present.  You know me - I'm willing to try practically anything at least once and, thankfully, wasn't disappointed with my Kevyn Aucoin purchases.


  1. oh! i never heard of these before but the colors look really nice! thanks for sharing! it's always nice to see new products