Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Series - Reds: Inglot 382

Would you ever wear red eyeshadow?  I know we talked about a frosty red shadow earlier in the series (Urban Decay's Gash), but what about a bold MATTE one?  Would you rock red on your eye for the holidays and/or even beyond?  Perhaps?  Well, if you so dare and happen to be on the hunt for a nice matte red, I would like to offer up Inglot's 382 for your review.

Inglot 382 is a creamy red matte that is part of Inglot's Freedom System of shadows.  It leans a little on the cooler side, so it's more of a bluish-red.  The color reads true on the eye and plays well with other colors in that it blends easily and does not turn into a muddy mess like some mattes do.  It is robust with color and not chalky at all.

Inglot is well known for its soft, color saturated eyeshadows and this one is no exception.  I was able to achieve a full-on color swatch with just one swipe, no problem.  Inglot 382 retails for about $6 and can be found on their website,

Well, I know that not everyone would wear red on their eyes even if paired with another color/colors and I know that there are plenty who aren't even fond of the color red.  But for those that would and are, I hope you were inspired by something in this series to add a little of the festive shade to your holiday palette.  And for all those that don't care for red... it's OK.  It's only color.


  1. I would definitely wear this! this is lovely, thanks for sharing, i haven't been to inglot in a while

  2. Excellent! So happy to hear that you would rock the red proudly. :0)