Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Boy...

Today is "his" birthday and I figured I would be really nice and cater to him. I went to Whole Foods on Friday and spent about a gazillion dollars on salmon, veggies and sushi. Oh, and I also bought a cake! Wooow. Came home and double tied the vittles in plastic bags so that they would remain a mystery until the big day. I ran to another grocery store and bought a dozen roses (he used to complain that he never gets flowers) and balloons. OK.

Last night, I officially kicked off the celebration (12:00 midnight) and sent him an "invite" to join me for a "private dining experience". When the time came, I lit candles, put on some jazz and served the sushi. Before serving I told him how very appreciated he was and how wonderful a person he was. Then we ate. He seemed grateful. Not overjoyed, but calmly grateful. OK.

While he was sleep during the night, I set the roses in a vase and propped the balloons behind them on the kitchen counter. He will not be expecting this. I'm feelin' myself now...

He wakes up, comes to my room and asks about the dogs then leaves. No mention of the bouquet or balloons. Hmmm.... OK.

Today, I really got my Martha Stewart on; I fixed salmon with mushroom caps filled with cheese and dried tomatoes with a fresh salad on the side. Oh, I also bought sparkling grape juice. He shook his head that he didn't want the juice and, instead, asked for water.

Long story short, he complimented the meal - said it was great - and asked whether there was anything else planned. I asked him what else he wanted to do. He sorta shrugged it off because the weather is bad, but he mentioned the amusement park. He appears grateful. OK.

I'm not looking for kudos per se, but I'm noticing that we're not really well matched as far as energy goes. I mean, he's ALWAYS pretty sulky around his birthdays for whatever reason which is def the opposite of me. He just seems so nonchalant. And that's fine - everybody's different - but I would like to share my life, the rest of it anyway, with someone who has the same zeal and zest for it that I have.

I'l serve the cake a little later. And I'm sure he will be very grateful and gratefully blow out the candles... And that's fine. Because I know that this was not for my glory or edification; this is/was his day. And I'm just glad that I removed my "self" and "wants" in order to selflessly give to someone else and do my best to make them happy. OK.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Been Away...

I've been away for awhile, I know. Just haven't really felt like writing...not in a funk or anything, just didn't feel like it.

But I'm back. :0) And, as you probably already know, I find men to be very interesting. Especially one in particular that I've written about before. My "crush". Well, I've cooled on him as of recent. Why? Because I felt like I was making more of an effort to stay in touch than he was. Really, would it kill you to email me once in a while? How about an IM once in a blue moon. I'm just sayin'...

Well, curiously enough, last week I sent him an email asking about his religious beliefs. I figured I would use this info to once and for all justify whether I should be thinking about him at all (I am very spiritual and wish to have someone who I can be equally yoked with. ON THIS I WILL NOT YIELD! He answered in a very neutral, non-judgmental, non-committal way. I really didn't know how to take it and this frustrated me even more because my plan had not worked; he seemed pliable, almost like he would be willing to match my spiritual sensibilities... UGH! So, I decided to make a clean mental break anyway. Need to move on... no more vacillating. Well, do you know that as soon as I made up my mind on this he SENT ME A FRIEND INVITE on a popular social board (I think I mentioned this before that we are both members). A little background: I knew he was on there because I checked, but I also knew that he knew I was on there, too. Call it woman's intuition. Call it whatever, BUT I KNEW!! And this was ultimately confirmed when I got his invite. He didn't ask me first whether I was on there, he just sent it to me. Ah-ha!

Did I accept? Yes, I did. But I haven't stalked him. No, seriously, I haven't. Oh, sure, I've seen his pics, even those with his "girlfriend". Oh, yes - did I tell you? He has one now. I don't care. Hmm... do you think that's why he wanted to be friends? To gloat? To sort of say, "Look at what you're missing out on"? I dunno. I don't know what there's to gloat about. She's average. Nice boobs and skin, but nothing to scream from the hilltops about. Just sayin'...

Oh, boy... when will men stop playin these female games? Anywho, I'll fill you in as more happens.