Friday, December 23, 2016


Hey, guys!  'Tis the season to be jolly, right?  Well, I'm quite jollyrific right about now.  I absolutely love this time of year - the food, festivities... gathering of friends and family.  Yes, I adore the holidays the fall and winter seasons usher in.  But you knew this already, didn't you?  Of course you did.  So let me get right to the meat and potatoes:

I want to thank you guys, once again, for lending me your ears and eyes and taking an interest in the assorted bag of topics that comprise my blog.  Whether it's a quick glance or a brief comment, I appreciate and value every interaction.  Writing can be a very isolating and lonely endeavor, but finding and holding a steady audience - no matter the size - can give one a much needed boost of inspiration and motivation.  And I'm no exception.  So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Thank you!  THANK YOU!

I also want to extend to all of you a hearty wish that your holidays be festive and filled with love and joy!  This has been quite a year (and that's putting it mildly!).  But 2017 can and will be the start of something new if you claim it.  Therefore, name it and claim it NOW!!  Don't sully your queued up blessings with stinkin' thinkin'.  Scrub the slate clean and claim every last one of them with authority!  Do it now!

So, in closing, the word of the day is "jollyrific".  I'm feeling really good - quite happy, in fact -  and jollyrific is the only way I can properly sum up just how good I'm feelin' and what I wish to pass on to you.  Now, does "jollyrific" have an alphabetical assignment in Merriam-Webster or any other dictionary?  No.  I totally made it up (at least as far as I know).  But you knew this already, didn't you?  Of course you did.  Ahh... you guys know me so well!  So let me get back to the meat and potatoes:

Have a JOLLYRIFIC holiday and a happy, JOLLYRIFIC new year!!  ENJOY!