Friday, July 29, 2016

Hair Love: Theorie Grapefruit Shampoo & Con

OK, I've got one more from the list of Theorie products I've tried and adored.  And with this one... I really hit the mother lode!  I'm going to totally do away with the verbal pomp and circumstance (you guys already know that I'm head over heels for just about everything Theorie) and get right to the nitty-gritty.  Seduced by the duo's resume, I indulged - once again - and procured a bottle of their Grapefruit Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  And - once again - I'm in L-O-V-E! 

Grapefruit Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner are a superhero twosome designed to fight the damaging effects of free radicals on normal to chemically-treated hair while imparting softness, moisture and incredible shine.  Armed with the antioxidant powers of grapefruit extract as well as Gingko biloba leaf extract and grapeseed oil, the rich conditioner plays the perfect foil to the gentle cleansing - but equally emollient - shampoo; working in tandem, they deftly hydrate strands without leaving them feeling or looking overwhelmed and flat.  Did I also mention that they're paraben- and sulfate-free?  Yep.  Oh, and they come equipped with pumps.  Yeah, so there's that, too...   

At the risk of sounding redundant, I have to tell you that I am deeply smitten with this shampoo/conditioner combo.  Oddly enough, despite its moniker, I didn't find either to really smell like grapefruit.  Now that's not a complaint at all, just an observation.  The fragrance, however, is quite pleasant, not at all heavy and dissipates quickly.  Since I began using the Grapefruit Revitalizing duo, I have NOT - I repeat - HAVE NOT had ONE BAD HAIR DAY!  Not one!  My hair feels nourished, soft and has brilliant shine!  Between Theorie's Grapefruit and their Argan Oil line, I prefer Grapefruit because I feel that my hair is a little lighter... that the Argan oil made my hair feel just slightly more subdued.  Both are great, but I feel that Grapefruit better suits my hair. 

Well, there you have it!  I have completely bought in and completely sold out for Grapefruit!  I'm not letting anything else touch my tresses and will not deviate from this haircare line.  It is no exaggeration when I tell you that Theorie has some of the best products I've ever tried!  My search is O-VA, my curiosity sated!  I don't have to and will not look any further; I've found THE one(s).  And it feels soooo good! #WINNING!

Theorie Grapefruit Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner are available at yourtheorie(.)com and retail for $26 each (13.5 fl. oz.) or $36 each (28.6 fl. oz.).

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hair Love: Theorie Heat Shield

OK, guys, I think I may be on the verge of becoming slightly obsessed.  Ever since trying out some of Theorie's products via a trial pack, I've been wanting to try more, more, MORE!  Yes, it's been quite an awakening for me.  I have taken the proverbial "red pill" and discovered a whole new world of hair products that not only work extremely well, but also deliver on everything that they promise... and more!  Theorie is the truth, Ruth!  I'm just sayin'... 

So, without further chit-chat, let me introduce you to my latest find, the latest addition to my ever-growing Theorie collection.  It's their Heat Shield Thermal Spray... and it is FAB-U-LOUS!

Heat Shield Thermal Spray is a styling dynamo from luxury hair brand Theorie.  Formulated to guard hair against possible damage from heat styling tools, it also claims to calm frizz, enhance moisture and shine, prevent color fading, nourish and strengthen strands as well as provide long-lasting style... even in the face of humidity.  Bold assertions, indeed.  And guess what?  Enriched with Gingko Biloba extract and silk amino acids, this spray delivers on every one!  Its simple nozzle disperses a lightweight mist of citrus-smelling goodness that enhances the hair in every way promised.  I even went out in sauna-like, heavy humidity and my hair was not altered in the least - not one strand!  This stuff is AWE-SOME!  I'm just sayin'...

So there you have it!  I am deeply in amore with this spray, guys.  I've been using it in lieu of my CHI Iron Guard and my hair feels and looks like spun silk.  Not that the CHI spray wasn't doing me right - it was.  I just found a new love that's lighter, "sticky-less" (not a complaint, just an observation) and leaves my hair shinier, I think.  And it smells heavenly to boot!  Nothing heavy, just an unobtrusive, ethereal scent that quietly dissipates after a day or so.  Oh, and the bottle is HUGE!  Bigger than a handful, longer than a hand's length, you get a good bang for your buck with this one.  I LUV IT!  It is the bee's knees, okay?  And I can't wait to explore more items from Theorie's haircare roster.  I'm just sayin'! 

Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray is available at folica(.)com and yourtheorie(.)com and retails for $26/6 fl. oz.