Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Flashback: Expensive Pink

To utter that the last couple of weeks for me have been super saturated with work would be a gross understatement.  Besides my normal, everyday tasks, I've been inundated with an ever changing list of "to-do's" that have even sabotaged my free time.  You guys, I haven't even had a chance to play in my makeup!  *gasp*  Perish the thought, right?  So, needless to say, I'm long overdue.  And while I still haven't gotten my full Picasso on (yet!), I did take a moment to traipse down memory lane to find some inspiration.  It's an oldie, but goodie.  It's a true beauty.  It's Expensive Pink from MAC.

Expensive Pink is a duochrome eyeshadow that offers plenty of flash in its pan.  A colorful marriage of blush pink and a sunburst gold, it is a favorite amongst MAC aficionados and with good reason: it's not only potently pigmented, but buttery smooth to the touch and lends a gorgeous lustre to the lid via its high pearl finish, which - in MAC-speak - is considered a Veluxe Pearl.

Yes, yes, yes, y'all... I can already feel it!  With my creative hand heavily encouraged by this pretty, polished pearl, I feel fairly confident in saying that Expensive Pink will probably be my next indulgence as far as lid painting goes.  It's a staple that has earned its position in the ranks of "must-haves" from MAC - a solid winner in my book - and I'm so glad to have it in my cosmetic collection!

MAC Expensive Pink is available at Macy's and MAC boutiques, and retails for $10/pan; $16/pot.  

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