Friday, December 18, 2015

Silver Belles

'Tis the season, y'all!  With the holidays quickly rounding the bend,  I figured I'd do a little rifling through my stash to see what kind of pomp and circumstance I would decorate my face with to match the upcoming festivities.  I knew that I wanted to forgo any greens, reds, and even golds this time around; I wanted something that could go from zero to one-hundred in no time flat if desired as well as offered a little bit of a "tinsel" factor without any assisting accoutrements.  Well, it didn't take me long to decide on just what shadow(s) to recruit for the job.  I decided to go with two silver beauties and - at the risk of sounding like a broken record - I will tell you that neither of them have I ever worn before.  But no matter.  Looks like I'll be wearing them real soon.  So if you have a few moments to spare, I'd love to show what I picked.  They're two standards from MAC - Knight and Electra.


Knight (renamed Knight Divine) is a sooty, charcoal-tinged silver that hails from MAC's permanent line of eyeshadows.  It is nicely pigmented and has a pearl finish (Veluxe Pearl in MAC-speak).  Although it falls underneath the Veluxe Pearl banner, I will say that it is not as soft as some of the other VPs I own.  Not sure how its current iteration Knight Divine compares, but Knight has a slightly drier texture and a more muted shine, but does performs well on the eye nonetheless. 

Now this shiny gem I have yapped about before.  It is Electra and it is an icy-gray silver.  It, too, is packed with pigment and performs very well on the eye.  It is slippery smooth to the touch and has a frost finish.

Knight (top), Electra (bottom)
So there you have it - a quick peek at what I'll probably be donning on my eyes this coming week.  Eh, it's nothing new, fancy or sparkly, but definitely has the strength to elicit a celebratory state of mind when done the right way.

Yep, I've decided to make way down to "Tinseltown" by way of two silvery O.G.'s of the M.A.C.  I plan on making (and keeping) this holiday fuss-free, but drama-full... using a collaboration of light and dark to get my creative point across.  Holiday window dressings for the eyes - DONE!     

But what about the rest of my face?  Hmm... gotta figure that out.  I'm juggling a few ideas over here, but we will see...  We will most definitely see!

MAC Knight (Knight Divine) and Electra are available at Macys, MAC boutiques and, and retail for $16 each.


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