Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Flashback: Love Lace

Hey, guys!  It is Friday and I am so ready to whoop it up and indulge a little.  I haven't really been playing in my makeup too much as of late, but I came across a shadow that just may take me off my casual hiatus.  You know the drill: I've only used it once even though it's been in my stash for a mountain of moons now.  I picked it up from one of MAC's past collections.  Soft and smoky all on its own, it's actually a nice segue into the more darker colors usually slated for fall.  And so, if you care to revisit this oldie but goodie with me, I'd love to chitchat with you about a lovely eyeshadow from MAC called Love Lace.

Love Lace is a stormy, blue-gray.  It has a pearl finish and, in MAC-speak, is considered a Veluxe Pearl.  Smooth to the touch, it is potently pigmented and easily yields ample color for opaque coverage without much finagling at all.  Not only does it perform well on the eye, lasting all day on my lids with the aid of a primer, but it also plays well with other shadows by not fading or turning muddy.

Well, there you have it!  It's such a pretty eyeshadow.  I really need to make more use of it and incorporate it into some looks.  It's kind of a unique color, too - at least in my collection; I don't think I own anything else exactly like it, which is definitely a good thing.  Although it's not a permanent shade and is not currently available via their stores/website, MAC has been known to re-issue past shadows from time to time in addition to having many of these "pastured" shades turning up for sale at various CCOs/CCSs (Cosmetic Company Outlets/Stores).  So keep your eyes peeled it you're at all interested!

In the meantime, I'm going to try and show Love Lace a little bit more love... and appreciation.  It deserves it.  It's a rock-worthy shade that would complement a wide spectrum of skin tones and I'm happy that I got a chance to add it to my stash.


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