Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Started From the Bottom, Now I'm HAIR!

Hey, guys!  And so... without much fanfare or ballyhoo... my hair has quietly decided to reward me for my efforts.  After keeping a diligent regimen of cutting, trimming and "soft styling", I have finally reached the personal hair length goal I set for myself a little while back.  Boob-wise, my hair no longer rests on the "peaks", but rather in the "valleys", if you will.  I am officially a couple of inches past bra strap, which I think is pretty neat-o!  Now, to all you waist-length Rapunzels out there, this may sound like no biggie.  But for me, it's quite a feat considering I started off with hair that just touched the tops of my shoulders a few years ago and had to make significant chops many times along the way!  It feels pretty darn good to set a goal and reach it.  And I must say that I am very pleased with the results...   

I wanted to take a pic in a light shirt so that you could see the thickness of my hair.  Thickness, to me, is way more important than length because it denotes your hair's overall health.  Maintaining a consistent thickness throughout instantly makes your hair look longer no matter what its actual length is.  Working from the middle outwards, my hair goes from blunt to lightly layered, forming a flattened out "U" shape.  And below is a pic in a dark shirt so you can better see the shine.


Well, there you have it!  And to think... my journey to healthier, longer hair pretty much started after I had gotten the shortest haircut I'd ever gotten in my life!  Led by a strong referral, I walked into a salon some moons ago and gave the stylist carte blanche with my hair.  My only request was that it would be long enough to put into a ponytail.  I originally went in there for color, but she - instead - opted to cut it all off, shearing my mid-back locks to shoulder-length.  The haircut she gave me was the bomb, though!  I rocked it proudly for a while and did not bemoan for a single minute my missing inches.  But then she all of a sudden closed up shop and disappeared.  And so I let it grow out, this time with a serious determination to maintain its health AND gain length at the same time... on my own.

So now that I've attained my desired hair length goals, what's next?  Well, believe it or not, I may cut it.  I mean, I guess I can try for waist length since I'm almost there, but I dunno.  I may get too antsy to wait that long; someone may have to hide the scissors from me!  And I still want some color!  A light caramel of some sort.  But we'll see.  In the meantime, I'm happy.  I've come a mighty long way, baby!  I started from the bottom... and now I'm HAIR, y'all!  Growing it out has been a modest labor of love, but it's been soooo worth the effort.  #MISSIONACCOMPLISHED!  (And how!)